Australian PM praised for saving injured bird

Mr Rudd helped the tawny frogmouth after it fell from its nest on to a car
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Kevin Rudd, it seems, can do no wrong. Not only is he the most popular Australian prime minister for decades; he is kind to animals, too.

On Christmas Day, Mr Rudd and his wife, Therese, were out for an evening stroll in the streets around their harbourside Sydney residence when they noticed an injured bird that had fallen out of its nest on to a parked car.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Rudd, "ever the caring sort", immediately removed his sweater and gently wrapped up the bird, a tawny frogmouth, inside it. Since no veterinary clinics were open, he transported the bird back to the official residence, Kirribilli House, where he made a little home for it in his garage.

On Boxing Day, at first light, the Prime Minister instructed his security guard, Dave, to chauffeur the bird to the nearest wildlife hospital.

His efforts were praised by a hospital spokesman, who said that Mr Rudd "did the right thing and gave it the warmth and comfort that replicated its nest environment". The bird was said to be doing well yesterday, and was expected to make a full recovery, despite a possible minor fracture to its wings.