Bamboo and a long lie-in as Yang Guang - the UK’s only male panda - turns 10


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The UK’s only male panda was treated to a lie-in and a meal of his favourite variety of bamboo on his 10th birthday today.

Yang Guang munched on a giant edible sculpture in the shape of the number 10, presented to him at Edinburgh Zoo in recognition of his second birthday on British soil.

The zoo last week revealed that his female counterpart Tian Tian is showing signs she may be expecting a cub. But the main focus was on Yang Guang, with the first group of visitors through the doors singing him a spontaneous chorus of “Happy Birthday”.

Alison Maclean, team leader of the giant pandas, said: “Pandas spend a huge amount of their time sleeping and eating bamboo, so it’s really nice to give them stuff to enrich them and keep them occupied as well.”