The Scouse mouser and other turf paws

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It couldn't have been a late-doors substitution – Monday night's Liverpool v Spurs game had only been going for 11 minutes when an extra player emerged on the turf. An extra player... with a couple of extra legs. And a tail.

So popular was this newcomer to the game, @anfieldcat already had 25,812 followers at the time of writing.

Watch your back, @Joey7Barton.

But when it comes to pitch invasions on paw, the scouse mouser is simply the latest in a long line. Consider the squirrel who made a gazillion Gooners go nuts when it popped up during a 2006 Champions League match between Villarreal and Arsenal. Or the family of foxes that bedded down in Dundee FC's Dens Park (no wonder they felt right at home!).

Beastly behaviour at a football match? Whoever would have thought it?