Wildlife: A beastly beasts hall of fame


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The often-disgusted residents of Tunbridge Wells are apparently also terrified after sightings of a ginger "Bigfoot" lookalike with demonic eyes, The Sun reports. A walker recorded the latest contact with the hairy giant in woods beside the Kent town, giving it a place in a (totally bogus) hall of fame featuring British beasts as diverse as mermaids, monsters and big cats. Here are three of the most celebrated.

Beast of Bodmin

We love a big cat (see also the Surrey Puma) but none more than that stalking Bodmin. Proof eludes those who seek it, but dumb sheep across Cornwall remain fearful.

Loch Ness Monster

The Big (absent) Daddy of all mythical beasts, the tourism industry is grateful for what has been identified variously as a giant newt, eel, otter, squid, ghost and elephant. Give it up!

The Essex Lion

Fevered coverage last August of sightings of a lion in Essex became an expensive cat flap when 30 officers and marksmen supported by two helicopters failed to find it.