Ocean’s plastics used to make vacuum cleaners

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To draw attention to the amount of plastic debris in the ocean, Electrolux launches ‘Vac from the Sea' which will produce several vacuum cleaners from recovered plastics, while the Plastiki, a boat made entirely from plastic bottles, sails from San Francisco to Sydney.


The world's annual consumption of plastic is estimated at around 100 million tonnes; the plastic in the ocean is estimated to kill more than a million sea birds and turtles every year and each square mile (2.5 km2) of ocean off the northeast coast of the USA has more than 46,000 pieces of plastic in it.

In recognition of these facts, vacuum cleaner giant Electrolux has recently launched a scheme to promote environmental awareness, by constructing vacuum cleaners from recycled plastics. The vacuum cleaners will be constructed from discarded plastic in the world's major oceans which will be collected by a team of experts and volunteer divers. Though the vacuum cleaners will not be commercially available, Electrolux spokesperson Susan Dean said, "Electrolux hopes it will draw attention to the lack of recycled plastic on land when there are islands of plastic floating around the ocean the size of Texas."

Other multi-national companies such as pen producer Bic have launched a range of products made from recycled plastics in a bid to draw consumer attention to the importance of recycling plastics.

The event known as ‘Vac from the sea' can be followed on Facebook, while amateur divers or those living near the sea are encouraged to get involved in the project.  Once completed, the six vacuum cleaners, each representing a marine habitat, will then be exhibited throughout major European cities.

Other events designed to draw attention to the amount of plastic waste in the world's oceans include the voyage being made by Plastiki. Plastiki, a ship made entirely out of plastic bottles, is sailing from San Francisco to Sydney harbor, via the Pacific Ocean's largest junk islands; the voyage can be followed via www.theplastiki.com .