Online comedy show launched before Earth Day promotes eco-responsibility

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A new short series created by online network before Earth Day aims to highlight the need for environmental responsibility through comedy.

MTV subsidiary Atom is an online portal showing a variety of short comedy films as part of the Comedy Central network's portfolio of sites. On April 20 the site announced the launch of their environmentally oriented comedy series "Ecommando " to mark this year's Earth Day on April 22. 

The comedy series follows ex-Navy seal and environmental sceptic Leon Green played by Jason Nash, star of American comedy series The Shaman. 

During the short series the protagonist Leon Green must overcome his attitude towards the green movement in an attempt to save the Earth, learning lessons on the environment along the way. The first two episodes of the series are available to watch online at 

Launched on April 20 the series aims support Earth Day by rasisng environmental awareness though comedy.

Earth Day began in America in the 1970s and has grown into a worldwide environmental campaign to raise awareness of climate change.

The organizers encourage supporters to pledge to do an environmentally friendly deed, such as recycle more, as part of Earth Day's A Billion Acts of Green campaign. More information about the campaign and how to make a pledge can be found at .

"Ecommando" by is by no means the first environmentally focused internet TV series. Internet provider AOL created a short series on environmental protection called "Gisele and the Green Team ," an animated series which supermodel Gisele Bundchen lent her likeness too. Episodes of "Gisele and the Green Team" can be watched via AOL kids at .