Plug in, charge up and go

Electric vehicles are the low-cost solution to modern living
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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional fossil-fuelled cars, especially as petrol prices have rocketed in recent months. It’s estimated that the number of EVs could rise up to 85,000 by 2015, and up to 600,000 by 2020.

The reason for this predicted leap is that they’re cheaper to run and better for the environment than petrol cars. EVs are set to become a vital part of a low-carbon future for all of us, something that EDF Energy, Britain’s largest producer of low carbon electricity and the first sustainability partner of London 2012, is passionate about.

EDF Energy is driving the development and spread of electric vehicles with a growing network of home, workplace and public EV charging points. These charge points will help contribute to a more sustainable Britain.

To support the development of the electric vehicle industry, the company has gone into partnership with a number of motor manufacturers. The most recent pairing is with Peugeot UK and Citroën UK, offering everyone who buys a new Peugeot iOn or Citroën C-Zero a fully bundled EV recharging package for £799.

This includes a free home survey and installation of EV charge points. The charging point has a timer function to enable easy off-peak recharging and is covered by a three year warranty. A smart meter and consumption statements are provided as part of the package to help owners understand the cost of charging their vehicle.

Thanks to EDF Energy’s Eco 20:20 tariff, owners with this bundled offer will also receive 20 per cent cheaper electricity in the evenings and at weekends – the period during which 66 per cent of home charging was carried out according to EDF Energy research. The savings speak for themselves – it costs just £1.92 to charge a Peugeot iOn or Citroën CZero from empty, which works out at around 3p a mile, a lot less than a traditional petrol vehicle of up to 16p a mile.

The savings on offer with electrical vehicles are not just financial either. EDF Energy believes the take-up of clean, green, electric transport is key to Britain meeting its carbon-reduction targets.

“EDF Energy’s ongoing commitment to a low-carbon vision for Britain is to inspire people to take action against climate change,” says Bethan Carver, Manager of Product Development at EDF Energy.

EDF Energy is promoting the use of sustainable energy through a number of other products and initiatives. One of these is the Team Green Britain campaign, supported by EDF Energy, which is a community of people who working together to reduce their carbon footprint.

The campaign, now entering its third year, has already achieved its target of inspiring one million people across Britain, with more to come this year. To find out how you can play your part, go to and