Readers give support to conservation campaign

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Hundreds of readers contacted environmental charities over the weekend to lend support after The Independent launched a campaign to protect Britain's most endangered insect and plant life.

For every copy of the newspaper sold on Saturday, 20p was donated to be split equally between Buglife and Plantlife.

Buglife, which is devoted to conserving invertebrates, was contacted by readers struck by the stark statistics which reflected the rapid decline of threatened insect species.

Matt Shardlow, director of Buglife, said: "What a credit it's been to The Independent for talking about this important but overlooked environmental issue."

Peter Ainsworth, non-executive director of Plantlife, the Wild Plant Conservation Charity, said: "It's absolutely fantastic to have donations made in this way because it raises awareness of the very important work Plantlife does, as well as raising funds, which will make a real difference."