The view of the experts

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Robert Napier, chief executive, WWF-UK

Tony Blair told the world a year ago he was going to make climate change a priority of his EU presidency. He also pledged political agreement to protect people and the environment from harmful man-made chemicals.

One year on, Mr Blair's actions in government have failed to match his rhetoric. His recent language appears to have undermined the Kyoto Protocol and on emissions trading Mr Blair intervened to increase the amount industry can pollute. On the EU chemicals legislation, "REACH", Tony Blair has failed to stand up to the German and American governments.

Stephen Tindale, director, Greenpeace

Tony Blair has achieved virtually nothing on the environment. Under the Tories, carbon emissions were falling. The UK's environmental policy is being dictated by the CBI, the AA and British Airways. Much of the blame can be laid at the Prime Minister's door.

David Cameron has made clear that he sees climate change as one of the "new issues" that his party needs to address. In the 19th century, under Benjamin Disraeli, it was the Tories who flew the flag for environmental protection, against the unbridled commercialism of Gladstone's Liberals. Perhaps a similar pattern will emerge.

Tony Juniper, director, Friends of the Earth

When it comes to taking action, our leaders have shown a disastrous abdication of duty.Under Tony Blair's government emissions are rising.

His trade policies also lack any environmental component and risk destroying natural resources which the poorest depend upon.