Top climate-centric picks from Blog Action Day 2009

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Back in 2007, a young Australian couple wondered if online writers could raise awareness of world issues more effectively by concentrating their efforts. Aiming for a provisional date of October 15th, they used their nascent Tuts+ network of websites to ask bloggers to club together in writing about the environmental issues, and soon found that the idea caught on quite remarkably.

It was in this way that Blog Action Day came about. Over 20,000 blogs participated, and the worldwide percentage of blog posts on the inaugural subject of "environment" rose by 150%, directly relating to a peak in posts mentioning "blog action day". The same thing happened again on October 15th 2008, this time on the subject of poverty. For 2009, the team at was asked to curate the event, and this year the key phrase was "climate change".

It wasn't just ordinary bloggers who took part this year. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the US Whitehouse joined in the fun, with additional support coming from notables such as Greenpeace and social media site Mashable. Here are our picks from October 15th, Blog Action Day 2009.

Ecorazzi highlights its green celebrity heroes
Ecorazzi is a celebrity gossip site with a difference - it focuses on those who use their fame to inspire with regard to both society and biodiversity. Here, they look at what Cate Blanchett, Sting, Hugh Jackman, Duran Duran and Don Cheadle have been up to recently.

Green Daily's 10 favourite climate change posts
Staff writer Cat Lincoln recaps her top 10 self-penned commentaries on climate change issues and events, including a film about the first ever Earth Day in 1970 and which places you should see before either you or they disappear from the planet.

Reflections on Climate Change at The Good Human
Site founder David Quilty launches a polite polemic on the current rate of societal change regarding sustainable living and urges a long term, positive outlook.

Google's green tour of their Mountain View, CA campus
Bold enough to admit that climate offsetting can only ever be a short-term solution, Google take us around their Californian headquarters to display some of their more impressive installations.

Inhabitat's top 5 climate change stories of 2009
Inhabitat presents a selection of articles covering the previous year, from France's electric vehicle charging stations to a scientific report on how pollution's relationship to climate change appears to be both causative and preventative.

Treehugger's two things to prevent climate change
Treehugger doesn't pull any punches with this one-two: first, they suggest a quick and easy switch to a green energy supplier, and then follow it up with hard-hitting advice on the environmental impact of carnivorous diets.

Grist Magazine's picks of Blog Action Day
From eco-orientated iPhone apps to raising environmental awareness among professional athletes, Grist conducts its own survey of Blog Action Day '09.