Top green living videos: how to waste less food and recycle leftovers

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Below is a selection of this week's featured and most-viewed green living videos on and

How to avoid wasting food
This green living video focuses on reducing the amount of food waste produced in households. Top tips involve making a detailed shopping list and sticking to it, serving smaller portions and saving leftovers. The video also recommends composting any items that are past their sell-by date.

How to achieve zero waste
This how-to video recommends changing the way we think about waste by treating it as a resource, avoiding products or foodstuffs with excessive packaging and getting involved in environmental awareness schemes. The video also reminds users to reduce their electrical consumption by switching off lights.

How to turn a garbage can into a homemade compost bin
Continuing the theme of producing less waste, this video shows how to create a compost bin using a garbage can. In order to create the end product, would-be recyclers need to first create air holes in the bottom of the bin before mounting it on bricks and using it for composting.