Top green living videos: recycling cell phones, pop bottle biodiesel and how to green your sex life

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This week's top five most viewed videos on video sharing sites and  and video tutorial site under the category of Green Living.

01. A closed basement drainage system
More related to healthy living, this video shows what a "closed basement" is and how it can help protect against the earth's natural gas emissions. Total views: 56,641.

02. How to go green with your pet
Tips to go green with your pet include buying environmentally friendly bedding, food and organic toys. Total views: 98,701.

03. How your phone is recycled
Though slightly outdated, this video provides a disturbing insight into what happens to discarded cell phones and what happens to them if they are recycled. Total views: 59,207.

04. How to slope the drainage pipe
This instructional video shows how to slope a drainage pipe and avoid water running into the basement. Total views: 41,396.

05. Snap-Fan solar vent fan
This video takes a closer look at a snap-on solar vent fan. Not available in all regions. Total views: 39,338

01. The toilet tank trick
Save money, water and the environment merely by putting a weighted container in the toilet cistern. Total views: 106,761.

02. How to make pop bottle biodiesel
Using methanol, sodium hydroxide and vegetable oil, this video shows how to make biodiesel, which the video makers claim will work in any diesel engine. Total views: 80,441.

03. How to reduce your electricity bill
This slightly outdated video highlights the benefits of fluorescent light bulbs. Total views: 17,653 .

04. How to produce easy, free home heat
Tips on how to make "D.I.Y solar panels" for heating using merely pennies, foam and adhesive. Total views: 34,432.

05. How to carry groceries with a square of cloth
Taking environmentally conscious actions a step beyond reusable bags by wrapping large amounts of food or groceries in a cloth. Total views: 171,648.

01. How to survive without air conditioning
Though more applicable in the summer, this video offers unusual tips on how to stay cool, including putting bed linen in the refrigerator. Total views: 19,831.

02. How to reduce your carbon footprint
Follow these tips, such as turning down the thermostat and insulating doors, to reduce your daily carbon footprint. Total views: 15,665.

03. How to save water by taking a shorter shower
Some less than obvious tips, such as installing a water efficient shower head, on how to save water while washing. Total views: 15,627.

04. How to green your sex life
Wearing organic underwear, using environmentally friendly sex toys and biking to romantic locations are some of the green tips in this video. Total views: 13,031.

05. How to install a hot water heater - part 1
The first of a two-part series showing step-by-step guidelines on how to install a roof-mounted hot water heater. Total views: 7,072.