Top green living videos: turn used cooking oil into fuel

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This week's most-viewed videos on video sharing sites and video tutorial site under the category of Green Living.

1. How to Make an HVAC Checklist
HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This video provides tips on how to save money when using these three often expensive and high energy-consuming devices.  
This video is not available in all geographic regions. Total views 243,354.

2. A Closed Basement Drainage System
More related to healthy living, this video shows what a "closed basement" is and how it can help protect against the earth's natural gas emissions.
Total views 57,664

3. How to be an Eco Driver
A tutorial on how to alter your driving habits in order to reduce emissions. Tips include: accelerate slowly, maintain a steady speed and plan the route before beginning the trip.
Total Views 172,438  

1. How To Make Pop Bottle Biodiesel
Using methanol, sodium hydroxide and vegetable oil, this video shows how to make biodiesel, which the video makers claim will work in any diesel engine.
Total views 81,189.

2. The Toilet Tank Trick
Save money, water and the environment merely by putting a weighted container in the toilet cistern.
Total views 107,709.

3. How To Prepare Used Cooking Oil For Biodiesel
An introduction to biodiesel and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own by transforming used cooking oil into car fuel. Specialist equipment such as a "reaction tank" is required to make biodiesel in this manner.
Total views: 33,685