Trailblazing the green way

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The hiking trail is becoming the latest area of eco-focus, with several companies producing 'green' walking boots.

Growing environmental concerns amongst consumers and a willingness to spend money on products that are perceived as 'green' has motivated manufacturers to create eco-friendly products.

The latest battle for green consumers' cash is taking place on the hiking trail. Outdoor clothing company Timberland recently screened a new ad campaign promoting the environmentally friendly 'EarthKeepers Movement' line of footwear, which retail for upwards of €132, and now HiTec is joining the fray.

On September 13 UK brand Hi-Tec announced its partnership with British environmental protection agency, The National Trust. Together the two organizations are developing a range of environmentally friendly walking boots called the Altitude IV WPi Enviro. The boots are constructed using a minimal amount of chemicals, natural dyes and recycled rubber; the boots will be available to buy at the end of September.  

US-based global outdoor apparel company Patagonia announced the P26 boot earlier in August. The boot is constructed with recycled material using manufacturing processes which minimize environmental impact. The P26 will be available to buy in spring 2011.

Other manufacturers such as Nike and The North Face also make a range of environmentally friendly footwear.