UK residents encouraged to catch the bus

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The Smart Move campaign is one of several aimed at encouraging members of the public to reduce their carbon footprint by using the bus. The UK chapter of this international campaign will be launched at the Euro Bus Expo.



While electric and hybrid vehicles may be becoming an increasingly viable means of transport, supporters of the global campaign Smart Move advocate the use of existing transport such as buses and coaches as a means of environmentally responsible travel. The international Smart Move campaign will reach the United Kingdom with the official launch of the UK Smart Move Campaign at the Euro Bus Expo 2010 in Birmingham from November 2-4.

Supported by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and Busworld, the Smart Move campaign aims to highlight the environmental benefit of buses and promote them as an ecologically sound means of transport. The group estimates that one standard European coach could replace up to 30 cars; therefore the group argues that the mass use of buses and coaches would dramatically reduce the per-person carbon footprint created by travelling.

Other environmentally concerned organizations also promote buses and coaches and ecologically friendly means of transport; in August global green organization Global Cool launched its "Do it in public" campaign, aimed at encouraging people to use public transport whenever possible. The group's website also runs regular competitions and interviews with green minded celebrities.

Campaigns to highlight the use of public transport as an environmentally-friendly alternative to cars have been in existence for several years. In 2008 the "Voice of Reason" advertisement by the International Association of Public Transport won a prestigious Green Award for ecologically conscious marketing.

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