Video series gives Glastonbury goers green tips

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A new video series aims to show Glastonbury Festival-goers the actions they can take to reduce the environmental impact of the annual festival. 

The annual Glastonbury Festival (June 24-26) is one of the world's best known and biggest music events; this year headline acts include U2, Coldplay, Morrissey and Beyonce.  

Videos showing how to be green at the festival were produced by students from Southampton Solent University, in collaboration with the festival, and uploaded to YouTube over June 14-15. Each video deals with a different environmental topic including recycling, transport and water management.

The videos are the latest in a series of steps taken by Glastonbury this year to promote environmentally friendly actions such as recycling and rewarding those who arrive by public transport; more information about Glastonbury's green initiatives can be found via the festival's official website.

Glastonbury is not the only music festival taking environmentally positive action this summer: the Isle of Wight Festival (June 10-12) promoted a car-sharing scheme to reduce emissions from traveling to the event and Bonnaroo (June 9-12) sold food in recyclable containers.

The videos created by Southampton Solent University are available to watch via the YouTube channel Glastonbury Goers or at the links below.

Worthy Farm Cows ‘Mootel' -
Take Your Pick and Get in Line -
Recycling Bins -
Permaculture -
Make Your Bottle Your Buddy -
Leave No Trace-
Keep Your Boots Muddy -
Creative Recycling-
Arriving by Bicycle -

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