Weekly green agenda: World Climate Solutions, Green Awards

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Clean tech specialists from around the world gather in Copenhagen to try to find solutions for creating greener urban living environments, and The Green Awards, which recognizes companies that have encouraged environmental sustainability through advertising, closes to entrants. 

World Climate Solutions
September 29-30
Copenhagen, Denmark

The biggest annual clean tech meeting in Northern Europe brings together professionals from the fields of clean energy, green business and sustainable developments to meet with clean energy innovators from around the world, in hopes of finding solutions for creating cleaner and greener urban living areas.

Green Awards closes to entrants
September 30
London, UK / International

The Green Awards, which recognizes contributions to the environment and sustainability through advertising by corporations, closes to entrants.

Open Planet Ideas challenge closes for general ideas
October 1

Internet competition Open Planet Ideas organized by Sony and WWF closes for general ideas; after this date users will have decided an environmental area on which to focus and create a solution for. The competition required designers to submit ideas that would use existing technology in new environmentally friendly ways.

Earth Lunch Hour
October 6
Tokyo / International

A one-day event held around the world where people are encouraged to take lunch in an environmentally responsible way in order to raise awareness of ecological issues. The event will be broadcast on Ustream and Twitter.

Global Work Party
October 10

This global event aims to stress the importance of cutting carbon emissions. One-day events around the world will be held to tackle the problem of global warming - in New Zealand a 'giant bike fix up' is taking place, inhabitants of the Maldives intend to fix solar panels to a public building and in Boliva a huge picnic using solar-powered stoves is scheduled.

Smart Move launches in the UK
November 2-4
London, UK

As part of the Euro Bus Expo 2010, Smart Move, a global network advocating the use of bus travel as a green alternative to cars, will launch its UK chapter.

Green Awards winners announced
December 2
London, UK

The winners of The Green Awards will be announced. The Green Awards recognize companies promoting sustainable and environmental policies through advertising campaigns.