Weekly green glossary: Aker, Tokyo, Boeing and Chalazodes

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Environmental and "green" buzz words of the week (February 14-19).

180 - the number of coastal cities in the United States of America that could be under threat from rising sea levels by 2100 according to a new report. ( Reuters)

Aker Island - oil from a grounded tanker has come ashore on the Norwegian coast near the nature reserve of Aker Island. ( Herald Sun)

Aquascape - the head office of American company Aquascape had what was considered the 'largest sloping green (environmentally friendly)' roof in North America - until it collapsed this week. (Chicago Tribune)

Boeing - the aviation company unveiled the new 747-8 intercontinental earlier this week: the giant airliner produces 16 percent less carbon emissions per passenger and has a 16 percent better fuel economy than the widely used  Boeing 747-400. ( Environmental Leader)

Chalazodes ­- the Chalazodes Bubble-nest frog is one of 15 frog species previously thought to be extinct found by scientists in remote locations across the globe this week.  ( National Geographic)

Chevron - in a historic ruling, the US oil giant Chevron has been fined $8.6 billion by an Ecuadorian court for polluting part of the Amazon's rivers. Pablo Fajardo, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, himself grew up in extreme poverty working in the oil fields.  ( BBC news)

Freshkills Park - the world's largest landfill located close to Staten Island is to be transformed into a nature reserve - the largest green space of its kind in New York City. ( Inhabitat)  

Harvard - a study conducted by researchers at Harvard has found that if coal's cost were fully accounted for in environmental and public health damages then the price of coal-generated electricity would triple. ( Charleston Gazette)

One million - China announces plans to make electric vehicles a 'national priority' and put one million electric cars on the road every year by 2015. ( Guardian)

Porsche - the luxury sports car manufacturer has unveiled three electric prototypes of the iconic Porsche Boxster known as the Porsche Boxster E. ( Green Autoblog).

Tokyo - the Japanese capital was named the 'greenest' city in the Asia-Pacific region this week by consulting company Solidance.  ( Independent)   

Vending machines - in an effort to boost recycling, the Taiwanese government has passed a law stating that business operating vending machines must place a litter bin close to each machine. ( Focus Taiwan)