World Green Building Week outlines the social benefits

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Ahead of World Green Building Week the World Green Building Council stresses the social and environmental benefits of green architecture.


On the first day of Green Building Week, which runs September 20-26, the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) will be releasing a special report entitled "Tackling Global Climate Change- Meeting Local Priorities."

The report focuses on how green buildings provide not just environmental benefits but also how they help meet social and economic priorities in different countries. The report will be free to download from the WorldGBC website from September 20.

According to researchers at Michigan State University, one of the social benefits of green buildings is that they improve worker productivity - employees working in an environmentally friendly environment take less sick days.

Throughout World Green Building Week, a series of galas, festivals, lectures and business meetings will be taking place around the world in order to raise the profile of environmentally friendly architecture.

On October 10, Global Work Party Day aims to stress the importance of cutting carbon emissions and encourages people to undertake activities such as fixing bicycles, or installing solar panels.

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