Jake Slack on clubs

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Any large club worth its salt these days has a movie room, although it usually consists of little more than a dodgy video projector and the organiser's bedsheet hanging from the ceiling. And if there's any soundtrack at all, you can never hear it over the bleed from the techno being pumped out next door. But at Blue Fluid, a new monthly slot at the Forum - described as a "soiree" rather than just another club - they're putting the complimentary movie (tonight, it's Priscilla Queen of the Desert) at the top of the bill, with good sound and cinemascope guaranteed.

Once you've been warmed up with the film, you'll then get lightly toasted by Honeycrack (right), this year's "melodic punk" phenomenon, and the Blue Fluid featured act for this evening. After the gig, Blue Fluid punters will be able to groove to three (count 'em) DJ sessions running in parallel. That's Britpop spun by Danny and John in the main room, Jim Renner from XFM presenting a sound smorgasboard (we're promised everything from pickled Hammond to cheesy listening) in the mysteriously titled Blue Room, and Uncle Julian bringing the boardgame mania of the Double Six Club to the "Garden Cafe" area. The Garden Cafe is rumoured to be "grassy floored", but whether that's a drugs reference or a horticultural one is not at all clear. And then, of course, there's the Blue Fluid itself, which is either a fertiliser or a cocktail invented for the occasion - but you'll only find out which if you get off your butt and go along. Don't forget your lawnmower.

Blue Fluid, Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town, London NW5. Tickets pounds 5/pounds 4 with flyer. Phone bookings 0171-344 0044