Olivia Gwyn-Jones on clubs

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In honour of the Euro 96 invasion, Soccercity Shine opens on Friday night at the Hacienda, Manchester. The Hacienda is the grand dame of northern house clubs, leading the dance scene from its Fac 51 springboard. Shine has been running for more than four years, but it is decked out in smart new international kit, with guest DJs in keeping with the European sporting theme.

In a city divided by its football clubs, there could not be a more pertinent theme than Euro 96, which Manchester honours with its Soccer City 96 cultural footie festival. Bars throughout the city, including the Hac's own Dry Bar, are mounting exhibitions celebrating Manchester's football history, and will be screening matches live. While Manchester will be welcoming the Italian, German, Russian and Czech teams to play at Anfield and Old Trafford, Italian and German DJs will be playing at the Hacienda - Czech house hasn't hit England yet.

The Hac will be resplendent in astro-turf: its stage becoming the goal area, with Cantona and his mates in the crowd featured on the backdrop. The dance-floor will have home and away dugouts, stadium lighting and balls everywhere - oranges will be issued at half-time. Unlike most clubs, trainers are welcome at the door. In fact, wear full kit and you get in for pounds 1.

Kick-off is at 10pm and the final whistle is blown at 3am. Admission is pounds 7/pounds 4 NUS before 11pm.

The Hacienda, 11-13 Whitworth Street West, Manchester (0161-236 5051)