Clean up: 10 best kitchen bins

Start the Spring-cleaning in the kitchen. Step one: invest in a new receptacle for your rubbish. We flip a few of the best ones for you

Not for me those kitchens where the bin is hidden in a cupboard and you have to open several doors before you find a tiny box purporting to be for rubbish.

A bin needs to be proud of its bin-ness – bold, large and unfazed by rubbish. From sensor operated bins by Simplehuman where you don't even have to touch it, to the crocodile esque Hailo Big-Box where the flaps open inwards or the three part colour coded Lotus bin that can stand alone or snap together, bins can be stylish items in their own right.

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I'm torn between the industrial feel of the Alto galvanised metal waste bin and the prettiness of the Brabantia 'I've 'bin' romantic' retro bin though with the need for separate containers for recycling and landfill I could just buy both, unless common sense wins and I go for the Lotus Recycling Bin - where the only problem is remembering which colour symbolises which type of waste.

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1. Alto 32 litre Galvinised Metal Waste Bin, £35

2. Lotus Recycling Bin 3pk Blue/Green/Red, £35

3. Typhoon Capsule Gloss Cream, £155

4. Brabantia 'I've 'bin' romantic' Retro Bin, £107

5. Simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Bin, £249.99

6. Sabichi I'm A Purple 30ltr Pedal Bin, £44

7. Simplehuman tabletop bin, £10.99

8. Wesco Silver 50L Pushboy Bin, £124

9. Hailo Big-Box 40 Waste Bin, £47

10. Wilko Pedal Bin Keep It Nice and Tidy Black 12L, £15

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