10 best micro scooters

Keep pace during the school run on two (or three) wheels

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Essential kit for the school run, skate park and rushed commute, scooters are soaring in popularity. So if you feel the need for speed, scoot over here to find the perfect model for everyone, from the tiniest tot to the beardiest hipster. Our testers ranged from 2 to 57 years old, and they took to parks and city streets to find the best deals on two and three wheels.

1. Zinc Bullit Speedo Scooter: £39.99, argos.co.uk


zinc bullit.jpg

The speedometer on this can encourage children to ride like the clappers, so we think this is best for the park rather than the school run. Our tester loved smashing her own speed record, so it’s a great choice for children who need motivation to get outside.

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2. Storm Kids Retro BMX Scooter: £44.95, toyzworld.co.uk


storm kids.jpg

This isn’t as lightweight as some, but the inflatable tyres make for a smooth ride. The handlebars are adjustable so will grow along with the child. Our testers liked the handlebar brake and said its wide footplate made it easy to balance.

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3. P16 Scooter: £99.95, sbykeuk.co.uk


p16 scooter.jpg

Sbyke claims this ‘coasts like a bike and carves like a skateboard’. Our testers were the envy of the skate park with this rear-wheel steered scooter – it’s brilliant fun and a comfortable coaster too. It also comes in a larger size for adult riders. This model will suit ages 4-7.

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4. Yvolution Y Fliker SP 5 Sport Series Scooter: £100, qvcuk.com



The Y-shaped frame can take a bit of getting used to, but you only have to give a little wiggle to set off. There’s a brake and the wheels lock if you move backwards, so you won’t come unstuck on hills. For kids aged 8-80.

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5. Mini 2 Go Scooter: £99.95, micro-scooters.co.uk


mini 2 go.jpg

The iMini Micro scooter kick-started the craze in this country and they’re a staple of every primary school playground. This model for pre-schoolers too adapts for 18-month-olds from a ride-and-push along (with storage drawer) to a traditional micro scooter as confidence grows.

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6. JD Bug Classic: £30, halfords.com


jd bug.jpg

This bestselling stunt scooter is a lightweight choice with metal core wheels so will withstand bunny hops, 360s and any other tricks. It’s will carry children from around five up to 50kg. It folds flat when not in use so it’s a great choice if you’re going to have to cart it home again.

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7. Current Coaster: £250, skootuk.com


current coaster.jpg

Here’s one for the grown-ups. This scooter from California-based Current Coaster is a head-turner, as with giant 20 inch wheels it’s hardly a scooter at all. Known as a ‘kick bike’, this has both front caliper and rear friction foot brakes when you want to get in the slow lane.

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8. Razor RDS Dirt Scooter: £138.74. amazon.co.uk

razor rds.jpg


Fun for older kids and adults up to 100kg, this is a no-nonsense, sturdy model that won’t fold flat but can certainly  take a bit of punishment on and off road. There’s a rear brake on the foot panel and pneumatic tyres that tackle grass and bumpy surfaces with ease.

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9. Micro Scooter White: £164.99, johnlewis.com


micro scooter .jpg

Samantha Cameron’s scooter of choice, this is a chic adult model that sets the standard for grown-up scooting quality. We tested the white model, which our (bearded) guinea pig was quite fond of till he saw only women on its delivery box. Commuters will like its larger, easy-ride wheels, splash-prevention mud guards and easy foldability. Also comes in black.

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10. Street Scooter: £27.78, tesco.com


street scooter.jpg

The wheel cores on this model are heavy-duty plastic rather than the metal found on other models, so it’s not built for heavy duty stunts or tricks. But what’s not to like for this bargain price? Our tester simply wanted to get from home to school faster, so it did the job perfectly. Comes in a choice of orange, green or blue.

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For design genius, the Micro 3 in 1 gets our vote. It gets squeals of delight the first time toddlers see it and parents love the storage idea and the way the scooter adapts as children grow up. But for sheer slap-a-smile-on-your-face joy, American import the Sbyke is hard to beat for both adults and children. Order now if you fancy one for Christmas – we can see this selling out fast.


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