The 10 Best men’s T-shirts

Forget about a plain white tee and add some summer fun to your wardrobe with this bold and bright selection

1. Printed cotton jersey

As per most years, Dolce & Gabbana came up with the most loud,  extravagant and fun T-shirt  designs in Milan this spring.

£300, Dolce & Gabbana,

2. Jungle Dream

The vibrant Palace Skateboards logo has become an unofficial badge of cool for skatewear aficionados and the Fashion East set.

£32, Palace Skateboards,

3. Striped cotton jersey

White Mountaineering is one of the most coveted new brands to come out of Japan in the past few years, as this quietly chic T-shirt shows.

£155, White Mountaineering,

4.  Homiés T-shirt

Comedy T-Shirts can be truly awful, but there’s something charming and genuinely funny about these ones ‘inspired’ by the logo of Hermès.


5. Cotton crepe crewneck

Missoni is a brand that tends to  insist upon even the most basic items becoming serious luxury pieces. This classic rippled knit is a case in point.

£240, Missoni,

6. Seamless T-shirt

You don’t always want to wear prints and spangles, so it’s important to really nail the basics. British brand Albam does a beautiful line in plain tees.


7. Harry tee

The Danish label Wood  Wood’s Harry tee is a dream to wear, with its wide neck opening,  long and baggy sleeves  and bruised rugby fleece fabric.


8. Print T-shirt

For everyone who had a Nasa  T-shirt or astronaut costume as a kid, this sporty, spacey design provides a mix of style and nostalgia.

£116, Comme Des Garçons Shirt,

9. Tie-dye T-shirt

Grunge is most definitely back, with the trend reaching its  zenith this summer. Get in there early with this so-wrong-it’s-right tie-dye number.


10. Bellfield Aztec print

Though the Aztecs’ love of  human sacrifice is definitely something that should be  consigned to history, their prints are a different matter.