Blend it: 10 best juicers

If, like us, your new year health kick dwindled long  ago, get back on the five-a-day bandwagon for spring with one of these machines

Juicing is a super-quick way to make sure you’re getting your five a day. And there are machines out there that will fill a glass with the good stuff – be it sweet soft berries, harder fruit and veg or nutritious leaves - in seconds.

We’ve tried and tested the latest juicers on the market so that you can find the best and most efficient way of giving your body a super-dose of vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes. From high end machines  like the Omega Vert VRT400HDS Slow Juicer to Russell Hobbs’ bargain Desire, we’ve tried them all so you don’t need to.

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In today’s busy world, packing a good shot of vital nutrients with a daily juice is something we sometimes want to do in a hurry. The Sage Nutri Juicer Plus is so fast that your juice may even be ready before your toast. The Omega VertVRT400HDS Slow Juice, on the other hand, is slow for a reason – because research suggests that even more vitamins and minerals end up in your glass. Meanwhile, for a juicer that can cope with pretty much every fruit and vegetable going (many don’t), the Samson 6-in-1 juices everything from leafy greens to soft and hard fruits, squeezing out really good quantities.

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1. Philips Viva, £79.99

2. Hotpoint Slow Juicer, £169.99

3. Russell Hobbs Desire, £59.96

4. Sage Nutri Juicer Plus, £179.99

5. Magimix Le Duo XL, £179.95

6. Breville Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer, £108.29

7. Samson 6-in-1, £179

8. Omega VertVRT400HDS Slow Juicer, £379

9. Hurom Slow Squeezing Juicer, £278.86

10. Lakeland Juicepresso, £299.99