10 best rolling pins

Baking is an art and the right equipment can help perfect your creations. IndyBest rolls out the pick of the kitchen kit

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On the surface, buying a rolling pin seems like a fairly simple task. But, when faced with the huge variety on offer in most cook shops, it’s hard to know where to begin. Do you go for straight or tapered? Handles or no handles? Marble or steel? Silicone or polyethylene? Maple or beech? And then there’s all the extras, such as width guides and hollow pins.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and tested a range of rolling pins on everything from short crust to sugar paste, to find ten best for any job.

1. Tagliatelle Rolling Pin: £4.50 souschef.co.uk




This is designed to cut 5mm equal-width strips from sheets of fresh pasta to make tagliatelle, but could also be used to divide pastry for lattice work or on fondant icing to create striped cakes. Complete the set with pappardelle (1.5cm) and spaghetti (3.5mm) versions.

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2. Cake Boss Acrylic Flower Rolling Pin: £19.92 amazon.co.uk





Jazz-up a fondant-covered cake with this bit of kit. Once you’ve done your icing using a conventional rolling pin, roll this over the top to create an embossed pattern. Drape over your cake or cut discs to cover cupcakes, then pipe or paint over the pattern, or leave as is.

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3. Professional Go Cook Stainless Steel Rolling Pin: £10 tesco.co.uk




Stainless steel has all the cooling properties of marble without the weight, and – unlike wood– it won’t absorb any colours or flavours. This one comes with engraved measurements and can be filled with ice water to keep it cool – just watch out for condensation that could make your dough sticky.

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4. 9” Icing Rolling Pin: £4.29 lakeland.co.uk




Some jobs require the delicacy of a small, thin rolling pin. This one is perfect for rolling out little circles for individual tart tins or pieces of modelling sugar paste for icing roses. Plus its dishwasher safe.

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5. Fletchers Mill French Rolling Pin: £17.75 boroughkitchen.com



A tapered rolling pin is favoured by most professional bakers and patissiers as its thin diameter allows you to feel the dough beneath your hands and to rotate while you roll to produce perfect circles of pastry. This beautifully crafted one is made from hardwearing maple.

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6. Daylesford Carnaby Rolling Pin: £9.99 sizzle.co.uk





Made from beech, it’s light and the ball bearing handles allow the pin to turn while you keep a firm grip on the handles.



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7. 0” PME Polyethylene Rolling Pin: £24.95 janeasher.com




Made from beech, it’s light and the ball bearing handles allow the pin to turn while you keep a firm grip on the handles.

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8. Great British Bake Off Marble Rolling Pin: £23.99 argos.co.uk



Marble’s a good choice if you have a hot kitchen or lack the cool hands of a pastry chef. It helps keep the butter in dough cool while you work and its weight makes light work of rolling, preventing over-working. This one comes with a handy worktop stand.

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9. Country Rolling Pin: £23  johnlewis.com




This pretty vintage-style floral number has a ceramic body – great for keeping food cool and preventing sticking – ergonomic handles, and looks too good to keep in the drawer.

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10. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin: £22 josephjoseph.com




This comes with four sets of removable discs to ensure an even thickness, from 2 to 10mm, or just remove them altogether to use as a conventional rolling pin.

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If you’re just starting out as a baker, we recommend you start your collection with a classic wooden pin like Daylesford Farm’s, but, if you want add a touch of design to your worktop, try the Great British Bake Off marble pin, or channel your inner Parisian patissier with Fletchers Mill’s tapered one.









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