10 best kettles

Boil the perfect brew with a stylish kitchen essential

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When considering what kettle to buy you have to think of a number of factors. How long does it take to boil, considering a good kettle will take around two minutes to boil a litre of water? How noisy is it? Is it easy to fill? Is there a viewing window to see what level the water is at? 

There's a vast variety on offer out there, but fear not, as we've rounded up the best.

1. Swan Retro Dome Kettle 1.8L: £32, Amazon


Available in five colours, the new Retro kettle channels vintage charm while also looking suitably contemporary. It’s a good kettle for its price and the 1.8-litre (seven-cup) capacity means you can boil up for a whole dinner party. It also has an easy-pour spout and a viewing window.

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2. Dualit 1 Litre Jug Kettle: £75, Amazon


This cordless kettle is particularly useful if you live in a hard water area as it has a built-in limescale filter which helps to soften the brew. When full, it’ll boil in around 2.5 minutes, and there’s a viewing window showing how many cups the current water level will make. One litre (four-cup) capacity.

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3. DeLonghi Distinta: £130, John Lewis 


This kettle allows you to heat the water to any temperature between 75-100°C, which is what’s required for some brews, such as green or white tea. There’s a function that keeps the water warm for around 20 minutes too. 1.7-litre (seven-cup) capacity.     

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4. Morphy Richards Redefine: £99, Amazon


There’s a light in the base of this kettle, which lights up the water as it boils, and it’s not overly noisy. It also has a hidden spout that ensures a perfect steady stream each time, with an effective limescale filter. 1.5-litre  (six-cup) capacity.

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5. Breville Multi-Temperature Glass Kettle: £62, Amazon


This kettle has five temperature settings for the drinks which require a slightly cooler brew. There is a relatively large 1.7-litre (seven-cup) capacity, with rapid-boil features and a removable limescale filter.

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6. Kenwood KMix Pop Art: £50, Amazon


This fun range from Kenwood comes in 10 different colours. It’s easy to fill thanks to the flip lid, although it can stick a little. It has a 1.6-litre (six-cup) capacity.

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7. Alessi Tea Rex Kettle: £115, John Lewis


Here’s a beautiful kettle which is cordless and easy to fill, but the whistle does make quite a noise. Designed by American architect Michael Graves, it features an elegant bird-shaped whistle, with a 1.5-litre (six-cup) capacity. 

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8. DeLonghi Brilliante: £50, Amazon


This chic rapid-boil kettle can have hot water ready in two minutes. The handle’s heat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot, and there’s a viewing window at the back. It has a 1.7-litre (seven-cup) capacity.

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9. Russell Hobbs Purity: £30, Amazon


This will boil a litre of water in two minutes, and it has a built-in, changeable BRITA water filter, which helps to reduce impurities such as chlorine, lead and copper, ultimately protecting against limescale. The brew’s less cloudy and tastes a lot better. Great value.

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10. Smarter iKettle 2.0: £100, Argos


You can link this kettle up to your phone and tell it to boil water for when you wake up (and it’s very quiet, so you can doze peacefully for a while, too). It even senses when you arrive home and asks: fancy a brew? Select any temperature between 20-100°C. It has a 1.8-litre (seven-cup) capacity.

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Our vote goes to the Swan offering. It looks great, has a larger-than-average capacity and won't break the bank.

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