Easter 2015: 15 best chocolate eggs for kids

Check out these cocoa treats that will get the children excited this Easter

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Kids of all ages love Easter and it’s no wonder. What other day of the year do you get to chomp your way through so much chocolate? If you’re not sure which egg to get your youngsters this year, we’ve put together a selection of eggs to suit all budgets, from Aldi’s Choceur Milk Chocolate Bunny at just under a quid right through to the indulgent (and huge) Montezumas Giant Fudge Milk Egg.

1. Divine Shaun the Sheep Milk Chocolate Easter Egg: £5,  divinechocolate.com


Divine is nearly half owned by cocoa farmers.  This matters because while Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives them a share of the profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry. Their Shaun the Sheep egg tastes great and even has fluffy, wearable ears.
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2. Aldi Choceur Milk Chocolate Bunny: 99p, aldi.co.uk


Aldi’s own-brand Choceur chocolate is every bit as good and creamy as many big brands at a fraction of the price. We particularly like their chocolate bunny, which is available in milk, dark or white chocolate.
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3. Hotel Chocolat Big City Easter Bunny: £7.50, hotelchocolat.com

Cast in 40 per cent hollow milk chocolate and presented in a transparent gift box with gold type, Danny the Big City Easter Bunny makes for a really special Easter treat for kids who appreciate the best -quality chocolate.
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4. Chococo Robot Easter Egg: £9.50, chococo.co.uk


On the outside, this milk chocolate egg is hand decorated with a starbust pattern of edible silver shimmer. On the inside, you will find milk chocolate robot waiting to be activated, surrounded by edible golden sugar. It looks great and the chocolate is delicious.
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5. M&S Star Wars Darth Vader Egg: £7, marksandspencer.com


Any Star Wars fans will think all their Easters have come at once if they get given this wow-factor, novelty egg. It’s nicely packaged in a sturdy plastic casing and the hollow chocolate shape is scrumptious.
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6. Tesco Doug the Dinosaur: £4, tesco.com


Here’s another fun, hollow Easter egg made from yummy chocolate that’s bound to get little ones excited on Easter morning. This one is a dinosaur-shaped design that’s will be a hit with youngsters with an interest in these prehistoric creatures.
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7. Fortnum & Mason Little Duchess Egg: £13.50, fortnumandmason.com


There’s a "Duke" or "Duchess" version of this beautifully-presented polka dot egg that’s made from thick, sweet milk chocolate and filled with solid milk chocolate mini eggs. It’s expensive, but utterly gorgeous, so you’ll need to keep it well away from chocolate-loving parents.
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8. M&S Coco Panda: £10, marksandspencer.com


The Coco Panda from Marks & Spencer is a fun, design - we like the bear's confused expression - and it has a creamy and delicious mix of white and dark chocolate.
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9. Thorntons Harry Hopalot White Chocolate Egg: £3.50, thorntons.co.uk


Happy Hopalot is Thornton’s Easter Bunny. There’s a delightful story behind him about how he hops faster than the wind to deliver eggs, in case your little ones are interested. But most importantly for Easter appetites, Hopalot is himself is made of delicious white or milk chocolate.
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10. Asda Decorate Your Own Egg: asda.com


The perfect Easter Egg for youngsters who like getting creative, this milk chocolate egg shape has everything you need to turn it into your very own masterpiece. And the best bit is that once you’ve made it, you can eat it all up.
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11. Lindt Gold Bunny: From 49p lindt.co.uk


So famous has this gold-foiled bunny become that it’s almost synonymous with Easter itself. For hungry youngsters (whose families will be all too willing to help out), there’s a huge 1kg version that’s presented in an elegant carrier case. And there’s a whole range of smaller ones too, as well as novelty versions like the storybook one.
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12. Waitrose Belgian milk chocolate egg & jelly drops: £4, waitrose.com


If you know a child who loves sweets as much, if not more, than they adore chocolate, then you’ve just found the perfect gift – this creamy milk chocolate egg that’s filled with yummy sweets. Prefer dolly mixtures? There’s another version with those in, and others too.
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13. James Barnyard Big Pig: £18.99, selfridges.com


James Chocolate not only tastes amazing, but the company continually comes up with innovative and charming designs that appeal to little ones right through to teenagers. This one, which is aimed at the younger age range, is a coloured white chocolate egg with dark and milk chocolate decorations.
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14. Lakeland Milk Chocolate Mini-Eggs: £7.99, lakeland.com


If a large egg feels like too much chocolate in one go for your brood, this jar could be the solution. Filled with enough foil-wrapped, solid milk chocolate eggs for many children, it’s also a great investment for egg hunts and decorating cakes. The chocolate is great quality too.
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15. Montezumas Giant Fudge Milk Egg: £29.99, montezumas.co.uk


Looking for something for a chocolate-loving teenager? This huge offering from the fabulous chocolate manufacturers Montezumas should do the trick. It tastes fantastic and is crammed full of gorgeous fudge. Prefer dark chocolate? It’s available in either milk or dark chocolate.
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Verdict: Chococo’s Robot Easter Egg is innovative and divine. Speaking of Divine, their Shaun the Sheep Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is also fun and fabulous.


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