Big day: 5 best wedding planning apps

Getting engaged is so exciting. Then the planning begins. Luckily, there are lots of apps for that. With expert picks from wedding planner Miryam Farrell of Create food and party design, we round-up five of the best


The average cost of a UK wedding is now more than £18,000 and with the industry ever-growing, making decisions about venues, dresses, flowers, cakes and which guests make the cut takes months (or years) of planning and organising.

Some couples can find the task daunting. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of a smartphone. There are now hundreds of apps out there which claim to make sorting out the finer points of your big day that bit easier, from ideas gathering for your dream dress to keeping track of which distant relative give you that set of saucepans.

With the help of wedding planing Miryam Farrell from Create food and party design, we round up the best apps out there. From slick and pretty Appy Couple, to WedPics, an app that lets you experience your wedding day as you guests see it.


As it grows, we think new-kid-on-the-block WeddingSite will invaluable for UK-based couples and Pinterest is a must for anyone who needs to start getting their ideas in order.

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1. WedPics, free on and

2. Appy Couple, free on and

3. WeddingSite, free on

4. Pinterest, free on and

5. iWedding Deluxe, £3.99 on