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10 best cooling fans

There’s no need to sweat in the hot spell. Keep cool with one of these machines for your desk, on the go, or in your home

Finding the summer too hot to handle? Keep high temperatures at bay with a fan to cool you down. Whether you’re at work, on the beach or at home, we have found the best fans available for this season, catering for all budgets and sizes, from M&S’s pocket-friendly mini model up to the Fantasia’s high-tech and powerful ceiling fan.

1. Dyson Cool AM06, £200, amazon

Worried the whirr of a fan will distract you or your colleagues? Try this sleek-looking desk fan that makes so little noise it’s been given the Quiet Mark award from the UK Noise Abatement Society, and it still manages to be powerful with it. Worth investing in.




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2. Titano Tower Fan, £50, maplins

This space-saving fan is stylishly finished in satin silver and black. The large LCD is a useful reminder of the room temperature and there’s a remote control, oscillation mode and plenty of other bells and whistles.



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3. Marks & Spencer Pod Fan, £6, marksandspencer

The time you most long for a fan is probably when you’re on a beach or rushing around in hot weather. This travel fan’s light, comes in three colours and is compact enough to slip into a handbag or pocket.

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4. Sinbo 22 Inch Pedestal Fan, £42, amazon

For a mere £20, you get to cool down yourself – and everyone else in the room. The five-blade propeller is built to last, there are three speeds, and there’s a handle if you want to move it around. Buy this and you’ll be very popular in the office.

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5. Honeywell Oscillating Table Fan, £20, amazon

No need for your papers to fly all over the place with this discreet fan that has impressive oscillation and tilt. It’s not the quietest around, but it’s better than many and we found it easy to put together.

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6. Bionnair Mini Tower Fan, £35, amazon

This compact machine for work or home will slot into the smallest of spaces and is easy to carry around. There are three speed settings and an eight-hour timer, as well as an LED display.

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7. Holmes Tower Fan, £65, amazon

Keep the heat at bay with this sleek, tall fan that will fit into tight corners. Too hot to get out of your chair to switch it on? Just reach for the remote control, with peace of mind that the timer means it will turn itself off even if you doze off.

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8. Makita Portable Fan, £60, tool-net

If this seems cheap for such a serious fan, it’s because the battery costs extra. But it’s still worth investing in for places like working garages as it’s fantastically powerful and durable and it includes a handy timer. It’s easy to carry around too.

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9. Fantasia Blade Ceiling Fan, £385, fanandlightstore

Ceiling fans can look so naff. Not so for this award-winning single blade design that looks slick and will keep air flowing better than most, even at low operating speeds. You can make it flush fitting or use the drop rod – it’s up to you. And there’s a remote control to work it.

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10. Dyson AM07, £351, amazon

Some fans are quiet, but weak. Others are powerful, but noisy. This tower fan is both quiet and powerful, as well as being  easy to clean, and it cools pretty big rooms too. Nifty features include a remote control and  sleep timer.

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The all-new Dyson Cool AM06 is the Daddy of all fans, so if you can afford it, snap one up. For a more wallet friendly option, the Holmes Tower Fan will serve you well, while Marks and Spencer’s Pod Fan is a good buy for those on the move.