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WHILST the articles (19 November) were generally accurate, the pervading impression given was that shareware or freeware, however obtained, should be avoided at all costs.

Sure, there are some real dogs out there, but there are some truly excellent examples too. For PC Dos users for example:

PKZip. PKware's compression software has now become an industry standard.

McAfee. One of the world's leading anti-virus products.

List. A versatile file browser/viewer.

Things are pretty good in the Windows environment too:

PaintShop Pro V2. A superb graphics file viewer and converter from JASC.

Wilson WindowWare's text file editor: Far superior to Windows Notepad in all respects.

The premise that commercial programs never go wrong and trash your system is simply not valid or true. But in my experience this type of thing with shareware is extremely rare.

Clem Dye

100065.2636@compuserve. com

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