Computers: Feedback: Wrong note

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I have read your Computer page since it began last spring and have noticed a lack of coverage of real 'home computers'.

This letter is being written using the best selling home computer ie an Amiga 1200, which is quite capable of doing all the things you cover and often does them better.

For instance, in the feature on computer music (14 January), you talked about the Miracle Piano. It was said to be available for the PC and Apple Mac, but you failed to mention that it was also available for the Amiga.

In the articles there were no Amigas or Ataris mentioned, even though the Atari has for a long time been a favourite with the music industry, and the world's top percussionist (Evelyn Glennie) uses an Amiga 4000 at the heart of her recording studio.

The article also mentions other bits of hardware and software which are available for the above machines.

If you gave coverage to computers other than PCs or Macs, you might get more readers and also see that the Amiga is more than just a games machine (at which it beats PCs hands down anyway).

Michael A Sloan (aged 14)



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