Computers: Jargon buster

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Config. sys: A file that has to be set up to tell the Dos operating system the configuration of the system, such as where key programs are stored.

Emulator: A piece of hardware or more usually a program that makes one computer act like another.

Open systems: Systems that work with a mix of hardware and software from different manufacturers.

Operating system: The basic program all computers need to make the different components of the system work together.

PC-compatible: Computers which use the operating standards set by IBM's original Personal Computer, basically chips based on Intel's design and the Dos operating system.

Platform: A term used to refer the most basic layer of components that make up the computer, the main processor board and chips. An 'Intel platform' uses Intel chip technology.

Processor chip: The main microprocessor that carries out the instructions of programs to manipulate data.

Upgrade: To change to a newer more powerful version of a program or piece of hardware.

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