Electronic Mail: Foul deeds on the Internet

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THERE IS one important point that was not covered in Michael Hewitt's article, 'Graffiti artists go on-line' (4 February). He points out that in Usenet groups 'anything seems to go' but overlooks the point that this sort of anarchy is anathema to many bureaucracies and governments.

There is already evidence that some authorities are looking for excuses and ways of curbing or controlling the Internet. Obscenity, blasphemy and abusive language is just the sort of thing to provide an excuse for a clamp-down. This is the most important reason why the networks must themselves do all they can to limit the postings of people like Fis.

I have not come across any postings by Fis, but I have in the past written to Demon to suggest that the postings of a previous gratuitous foulmouth should be stopped, for precisely this reason - it never replied.

Dr Martin Evans

mhe1000@cus. cam. ac. uk

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