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Truly dedicated reviewers wanted

THE Natural Family Planner is a Windows program, which describes itself as 'the world's first PC-based contraceptive.' It enables a woman to estimate when she is likely to conceive by answering a series of questions every morning. Unfortunately, none of my Roman Catholic friends use Windows, or so they say, though I assure them that would be rather fun to do an exhaustive review. Other prospective reviewers suggest that an Internet account is a very effective contraceptive in itself. Perhaps they are put off by the fact that the program is copy-protected.

The Natural Family Planner, Suite 1, 54 Hampton Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6HZ.

Football pitch

COMPUSERVE, the on-line information service, is offering a results service from the World Cup. It turns out to be the coverage supplied by the US news agency Associated Press. From this you will get a glimpse of how little American sportwriters understand the game. A similar service offering PA coverage of Wimbledon, is also available. Photographs from the Reuter newswire can also be downloaded, from both events.

Infernally difficult

BRADFORD diocese of the Church of England is considering getting a full Internet feed. There is already a considerable religious presence in cyberspace, sometimes moving, sometimes bizarre; and very occasionally enlightening. The faculty of theology at Durham University has, for instance, made the whole text of last summer's Papal encyclical, Veritatis Splendor, available by gopher. But Bradford has a particular problem. It wants to use an Internet provider which can be reached by a local call (once on the net, all further communication round the world costs nothing).

One company offers everything they need except a name: it is Demon Systems, and everyone with an account there ends up with an email address of someone@something. demon. co. uk. I suppose the bishop could call himself bishop. dave@notatalla. demon. co. uk. But who would believe a message from such an address?

Compuserve: 0800 289378.

Demon Systems 081 343 3881.

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