Feedback: More little Apples

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Apple has released a clutch of new Powerbook portables and slightly cut the price of its Performa Macintoshes, which are well- aimed at the market of people who just want a computer and do not want to have to fuss. The Performas have fallen in price to pounds 799 and pounds 899 and come complete with Claris Works integrated software. At those prices, you could equip yourself with a computer, modem, printer and CD-rom drive for less than pounds 1,500 in real money.

The Powerbooks are not cheap, but they are powerful and have built-in sound cards. Prices range from pounds 1897 for a mono model with 4 megabytes of main memory (ram) and a 160-megabyte hard drive, up to pounds 4,553 for one with a colour screen and built-in fax modem. All prices include VAT.

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