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I am currently working on an essay in Italian, having just completed a year abroad as part of my degree at Leicester University. Like Mike Hardaker (18 June), I too am using a Microsoft word processor program, however, mine is Works for Windows, not Word for Windows. I am still searching for a way of incorporating foreign accents into my work. Could you advise me of how best to obtain instructions for adapting the program, as, having spent so long trying to create a presentable essay, I don't want to spoil it by adding accents by hand.

Jane Dalton



I would like to invite a UK software/games designer to give a talk to local teenagers and would welcome some contacts.

Colin J Morrison

Department of Engineering, University of Leicester

ccm@leicester. ac. uk

I would like to get in contact to someone in Irkutsk in Siberia via E-mail. I am quite new in this business and do not know much so far. But I hope to get familiar with it soon because it would be very helpful for me to have a contact to Irkutsk working more rapidly than the two or more weeks normal post takes to get from there to here (Berlin, Germany).

Uwe Schwahn

uwesbfig@w272zrz. zrz. tu-berlin. de]

I own a Macintosh LCII computer which has a variety of fonts, but not one compatible with the Serbo-Croat lanaguage. Is there a Serbo-Croat font available that would be compatible with my machine?

Mrs M Davies



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