The 10 best vacuum cleaners


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Charlie Minter

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1. Vax
The Rapide Match Classic provides intensive carpet cleaning without calling in the professionals. Its rotating brushbar lifts dirt and stains while its heated wash solution enhances cleaning performance and reduces drying time. It also has a wash tool and hose to clean stairs, upholstery and car interiors.
Price: £160


2. Alessi
When it comes to style, you'll be hard-pressed to beat this sleek hand-held vacuum, with its sculptural stainless steel design. Perfect for upholstery and small vacuuming jobs. The SG67 is lightweight and easy to use but such looks come at a price.
Price: £78


3. LG
The remarkable feature of the Compressor Plus Cylinder Vacuum is that it squashes your dirt into neat little cubes. This means it needs less emptying and significantly reduces the dust cloud in the disposal process - ideal for allergy sufferers.
Price: £180


4. Electrolux
Find it's too much of an effort to lug your vacuum cleaner around? The Ergorapido is an ultra-lightweight, cordless and rechargeable stand-up cleaner with a hand-held detachment. In six trendy colours, easy to use and accessible, vacuuming is positively effortless.
Price: £100


5. iRobot
If you hate vacuuming but love gadgets, the Roomba 580 is the one for you. The latest in its range, the iRobot, has sensors to navigate (even between rooms), detects dirtier areas, has a self-timer and when its work is done, will find its own way back to its charging station. Can vacuuming get any easier?
Price: £399; 0845 225 1919


6. Bissell
Pet owners rejoice; the Pet Hair Eraser is specially designed with super suction for better dirt and pet-hair cleaning. Its pet hair lifter, contour tool and turbo brush mean it'll tackle even the most stubborn of ground-in hair.
Price: £149; 0844 888 6644


7. Miele
With vacuum cleaners getting ever-more futuristic, the classic-looking S7210 may be of reassurance. It has a rear wheel elevation system to glide over different floor types, an excellent filtration system and perhaps best of all, it's quiet. A sleek performer.
Price: £259; 08456 049 049


8. Raycop
Spending a third of our lives in bed as we do, this clever hand-held vacuum is designed to eradicate bacteria, dustmites and germs for a clean, allergy-free night. Its unique UV sterilizing lamp combines with a vibrating pad to ensure very effective results, and it can be used on other soft furnishings about the house.
Price: £127

9. Dyson
Dyson's name is almost as synonymous with vacuum cleaning as Hoover. With the DC24, Dyson's cyclonic system, bagless technology and rotating ball are all in place. But the DC24 is compact and lightweight for extra flexibility.
Price: £248


10. Henry
If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner that can take some punishment and still last for years, take a look at the one most builders use. The appearance may be gimmicky, but this is a hardwearing, powerful cleaning machine.
Price: £98.99

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