The 10 Best vacuum cleaners

Glamorous it isn't, but we all need to vacuum, so why not invest in the best kit for the job? Here's our pick of the best vacs on the market

1. Sebo Rosso £260, johnlewis


Not only does this slimline upright vacuum cleaner look fantastic with its gleaming ruby-red design, but it's powerful, light, and glides along carpets and wooden floors effortlessly. The flexible neck makes it easier to steer around fixtures and furnishings, while the L-shaped head cleans up to edges.

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2. Hoover Unplugged, £170, amazon


You'll have to use the turbo function to get the best results from this cordless Hoover, but it's well worth it for the results. Simple to put together, it's quite clunky to manoeuvre, which can make stairs a bit tricky.

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3. Dyson DC50, £240,  johnlewis


Mounted on a ball for manoeuvrability, this upright cleaner does a grand job on both long- and short-pile carpets and wooden floors. The self-adjusting cleaning head maintains constant suction and it can get in the tightest of corners. It's light, too, weighing just 5.4kg.

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4. Panasonic MC-UL712, £90, amazon


This is an eco-friendly, lightweight and bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It's a good option for people with allergies, thanks to special technology that helps to keep your home free of micro-particles, and the powerful motor will gather up even the most stubborn dirt.

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5. GTech AirRAM, £199, gtech


Fed up of tripping over the cable when you vacuum? Then you'll love this machine, which has all the power of a mains upright vacuum cleaner with all the convenience of a lightweight cordless one. It compresses the dirt into compact bales which can then be binned.

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6. Miele S8320 Cat & Dog, £270, johnlewis


Besides being power hungry, it's hard to find any downsides with this cylinder vac that's built to pick up after your furry friends. It's easy to assemble and manoeuvre, as well as being a brilliant all-floor cleaner. Its turbo brush helps to dig hair and other fibres out of your carpet, too.

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7. Dyson DC49, £290, amazon



New this year, this is the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners. It zooms around every type of floor surface, picking up stubborn pet hair right through to semi-sticky dirt. The suction is particularly astonishing, given that it's only a 700W machine. But it's small, so you'll have to empty it quite often.

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8. iRoomba Robot 760, £580, johnlewis


A life-changing cleaner since it does the vacuuming for you, thanks to its sensors that help it to navigate, detect dirtier areas and even find its own way back to the charging station. There are cheaper models in the range, but this has all the bells and whistles and a longer battery life.

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9. Bosch GS50 Power Silence, £159, amazon



This is by far the quietest bagless vac on the market and is almost impossible to fault. It excels at both hard floors and carpets, as well as picking up dust along walls. It's easy to use and it has a roomy 3.6 litre capacity for dust .

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10. Karcher WD5.200MP, £109, amazon


This multi-pupose vac has a robust motor that can deal with heavy-duty mess such as rubble and sawdust, as well as sludge and spills. It's particularly useful for the garage and the car.

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