10 best PS4 games

Jack Shepherd whittles down the best PlayStation 4 game releases from a stellar year to pick out the must-haves

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They say you can tell a good year by what’s left off the best-of lists. That couldn’t be true enough for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. Missing from the below list are the likes of Titanfall 2, Dark Souls III, DOOM, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Dragon Quest Builders – plus various PSVR games – which are all brilliant in their own right. A testament to the brilliance of these 10 games.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: £44.64, Tesco


Naughty Dog’s fourth Uncharted outing will be remembered as the moment the true potential of the PS4 was finally tapped. As you venture across the globe as Nathan Drake, searching for long lost treasure, it all looks phenomenal, particularly the snow-laden castles of Scotland. The third-person adventure game plays like a 17-hour Indiana Jones film: pure Raiders of the Lost Arc and zero Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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2. The Witness: £29.99, PlayStation Store


In contrast to the likes of Call of Duty and Uncharted, The Witness takes gaming back to its core: puzzle solving. With no instruction, players are left to wander a mysterious island, doing puzzles to proceed to the next location. While it can be hugely frustrating at times, when a puzzle clicks, the feeling of accomplishment is phenomenal. 

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3. Firewatch: £14.99, PlayStation Store


This breathtaking, story-led indie game sees you unravel the mysteries hidden within the Wyoming wilderness. While only five hours in length, the game’s engaging story about a man charged tasked with putting out fires makes for a unique and, at times, chilling experience.

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4. Dishonored 2: £26.99, Argos


Bethesda once again places you in the cyber-punk world of Empress Emily Kaldwin and Corvo with this action-adventure game. Like the first in the series, players can choose whether to tackle each level using stealth or going in all-guns blazing, the prior being more fun than the latter. Of course, you can mix up the two – it’s all up to you.

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5. Inside: £15.99, PlayStation Store


From the same studio that made the sinister game Limbo, 2.5D side-scroller Inside is another haunting experience. Pitted as a nameless boy, you play through numerous obstacles and escape the clutches of killer guards, all to reach safety. Along the way, control enemies, collect orbs, and attempt to unlock a secret ending.

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6. Final Fantasy XV: £39.42, Tesco


The long-running Final Fantasy series has been almost consistently fantastic over the years, with this long-awaited open-world adventure once again raising the bar. The fighting system, straight from Kingdom Hearts, is intense, not turn-based, making fighting colossus monsters with oversized swords all the harder.

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7. The Last Guardian: £44, Tesco


Like Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian was a long time coming. Ever since the release of Shadow of the Colossus – also made by Team Ico – in 2005 have gamers been patiently waiting for this adventure game, focussing on a young boy and his companion: a strange cat-mouse-duck-bird hybrid. As you try to get back home, the two form a loving bond that’s leaves a huge impression.

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8. Overwatch: £25, Tesco


Blizzard’s first foray into the massively multiplayer FPS world blew the competition away upon release, the colourful shooter showcasing the best of the genre. Play as various bizarre characters as you battle against other teams over numerous game modes. A unique multiplayer experience that far exceeds the likes of Call of Duty.

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9. No Man’s Sky: £34.95, John  Lewis


There are few games that change the face of gaming forever, but No Man’s Sky is certainly one of them. As a space explorer, you are tasked with flying around the literally infinite universe, searching the unknown for answers to everything. Despite the initial hype, No Man’s Sky really is a breathtaking experience.

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10. Battlefield 1: £44.99, Game


This incredibly well-crafted first person shooter, set in WW1, conveys a meaningful message through six short but brilliant single-player campaigns, each one telling of different soldiers’ experiences around the world. The game’s credentials are further boosted by the fast-paced multiplayer that far outdoes the latest Call of Duty instalment, making this a must-have.

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The Verdict: PS4 games 

With so many great games out in 2016, it’s hard to choose a favourite. But, Naughty Dog’s nearly-perfect adventure game, Uncharted 4, takes the crown: a cinematic masterpiece and the best PlayStation exclusive since the studio’s last outing, The Last of Us. If 2017 brings along a game even somewhat close to this good, we’re in for another brilliant year.

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