10 best electric blankets

Wave goodbye to those cold nights with our pick of the best electric blankets

Struggle to get warm when you get into bed? At this time of year, climbing onto crisp bed sheets can feel like lying down on an iceberg. Not so with an electric blanket, which will get your bed all nice and toasty for you. Many have settings to stay warm all night and they’re available as underblankets, overblankets and even duvets. For some, feeling cold isn’t restricted to bedtime and electric blankets can provide a solution here too, taking the form of a stylish heated throw.

[1] Dreamland Ready for Bed Underblanket: £74 amazon


If you’re the kind of person who is only likely to remember to turn your blanket on just before bed, then take note that this one is ready after just five minutes, three times faster than standard blankets. The ultra thin wires makes the blanket really comfortable and there is extra foot warmth.

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[2] Relaxwell De Luxe Fur Heated: £100 John Lewis


If you feel the cold, this is a dream product that will bring a smile to your face every time you sit down on your sofa and remember it exists. The fur is ridiculously cosy. Best of all, it heats up to a toasty temperature within just one minute and there are nine settings, should you want it a little cooler.

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[3] Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Overblanket: £75 amazon


If electric under blankets are about as tempting as lying on hot coals, perhaps you’d prefer an over blanket that you can drape over your bed and toss away when you’ve had enough. This one is super soft, finished with a nice satin trim and you can use it inside the duvet cover too.

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[4] Sleepwell Heated Duvet: £119 John Lewis


No need for an extra blanket when you can simply buy an electrically heated duvet. The wires are so thin you’ll never feel them and the heat is spread evenly. Great for those with a memory foam mattress as heated underblankets are considered unsafe. Set the timer to an hour or nine hours.

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[5] Lakeland Luxury Fleece Fitted Electric Blanket: £67 Lakeland


Simply fit this soft fleece blanket over your mattress and under your base sheet and switch it on. Within five minutes, you’ll have a really warm and cosy bed. There are no irritating fiddly ties, it stays firmly on the mattress all night and there are six heat settings and automatic switch-off.

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[6] Morphy Richards Washable Mattress Cover: £74 amazon


Morphy Richards is better known for its kitchen appliances, but this blanket is a winner too. It has four different temperature settings to chose from and evenly distributes the heat. It doesn’t use much energy compared to other electric blankets, but it’s slightly on the small side and can be a bit tricky to tie onto the mattress.

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[7] Relaxwell Luxury Chocolate Heated Throw: £40 John Lewis


This costs virtually nothing to use, which makes it a great way of keeping warm in times of rising fuel costs. Simply chuck it over yourself on the settee and fear not if you fall asleep as it switches itself off after three hours. It’s a nice colour too, meaning you can leave it on the sofa when not in use.

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[8] Sleepwell Luxury Cotton Mattress Cover: £70 John Lewis


This looks like a regular mattress protector, but it has the added bonus of being heated. It is also breathable, deep quilted and really soft. And because it’s 100 per cent cotton, it keeps you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. It’s easy to fit, thanks to the elasticated skirt around the edge.

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[9] Silentnight Fleece Comfort Control: £40 amazon


If you’re already familiar with this brand, it’s probably because of their beds and mattresses, but they make blankets too. We like this one that attaches to your mattresses because it heats to a comfortable temperature quickly, it’s nice and soft and it has three settings. It’s also tumble-dryer safe.

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[10] Lloytron Superior Underblanket: £26 amazon


Feel like you can never get warm during the winter months? This goes up to 55°C on the highest setting. Don’t worry about it getting too hot, though, as it has automatic overheat protection. It’s also the cheapest blanket in our round-up, making it a great student option.

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Verdict:  Our testers loved the Dreamland Ready for Bed Underblanket because it heats up so quickly and is particularly comfortable. If it’s a heated throw you’re after, we don’t think you can beat Relaxwell’s De Luxe Fur Heated Throw, which is unbelievably cosy and will beat away the winter blues in an instant.

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