11 best bathroom scales

Keep in tune with your body with  one of these gadgets. IndyBest weighs in on the best machines – both smart and simple – for the job

Want to know if your “new year, new you” efforts are paying off when it comes to a healthier lifestyle? Whether you are on a strict diet or have improved your exercise regime, a good set of bathroom scales will help you monitor your progress. Our round-up provides you with the best of the bunch, whatever your budget.

{1} Tanita BC543: £59, amazon


Serious about improving your health and fitness? This has patented technology that enables you to do all sorts of impressive things such as measure your internal abdominal fat levels against a health range indicator. You can then use the information to devise a diet and fitness programme.

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{2} Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Bathroom Scales: £100, House of Fraser


The list of capabilities of these scales suggests you need to be a true tech-head to even think about buying them, but actually it’s easy enough to set everything up in less than five minutes from a smartphone, ready to track your weight, percentage body fat and BMI, either at home or on the go.

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{3} Brabantia Body Analysis Scales: £41, amazon


Here’s another clever set. With these, up to eight people can choose a personal number, put in information such as age, gender and height in the scales’ memory and then stand on them, ready to discover their body fat percentage, BMI, body muscle and water percentage.

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{4} Tiger Bathroom Scales: £10, tigerstores 


Brighten up your bathroom with these fun, Danish bathroom scales that come in a heart design pattern or three plain colour options – turquoise, lime green and coral. There are no bells and whistles, but they do the task in hand,

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{5} Salter Academy Bathroom Scales: £70, John Lewis


These are as robust as they come, as well as being incredibly accurate, easy to read – and reliable, which is why you’ll spot them in many GP surgeries. They are chunkier than some on the list, but we like the retro look and they are great for large feet that can otherwise hide the dial.

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{6} Terraillon Web Coach Analyser Bathroom Scales: £71, amazon


These sleek scales have loads of genuinely useful functions that you can hook up to your smartphone. If you want to keep an eye on your weight and fat and/or muscle levels and track progress weekly, they are hard to beat. Like all analyser scales, stay clear if you wear a pacemaker.

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{7} Salter Striped Glass  Analyser Scales: £20, amazon


This funky-looking set comes from one of the most reliable brands in this market. They’re easy to read with the LCD display and they’ve got an eight-user memory – every member of the family can analyse weight, body fat, body water and BMI.

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{8} Premier Housewares Bathroom Scales: £21, amazon


We reckon these bamboo scales will add a certain something to your bathroom decor. The LCD screen is easy to read, as well as being accurate, and it turns itself off so you don’t have to.

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{9} Hanson Clear Glass Electronic Bathroom Scales: £22, amazon


We tested the readings of these against far higher priced scales from better known brands and they matched them exactly, provided we used them on a hard surface rather than a carpet. They are lightweight, slim, stylish and good value, as well as having a 10-year guarantee.

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{10} Weight Watchers Precision Body Analyser Scales: £64, amazon


Fed up with going to your slimming group only to find there’s a discrepancy between your home scales and theirs? This set will solve the problem: we found them easy to set up to measure everything from body fat  to how hydrated you are. Plus there are colour-coded health indicators.

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{11} Poundstretcher Glass Digital Scales: £8, Poundstretcher


Few people get excited about stepping onto their bathroom scales, but at least this set comes in two cheery colours, pink or green and living up to the brand name, they are great value for a basic set of glass scales with digital display. Most importantly, they’re accurate and the slimline design means they’re easy to store away.

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Verdict: For body analyser scales, our vote goes to Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart Bathroom Scales. For a bargain basics set, we think the Hanson Clear Glass Electronic Bathroom Scales are a great buy.