Christmas 2014: 8 best gifts for gardeners

Whether they're an occasional weeder or a seasoned gardener, here are the things to buy green-fingered friends this Christmas

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1. Bucket Advent Calendar: £29.99,

Advent buckets.jpg

An advent calendar entirely made of tiny buckets, to fill with sweeties, seeds and bird food for garden good cheer.

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2. The Floral Baker by Frances Bissell: £7.52,

The Floral Baker.jpg

Award-winning cookery writer Frances Bissell will flavour a year’s baking from the garden with lavender and liqueur de Violette, amongst other exquisitely fragrant flowers. It’s not just sweet: her fennel flower and parmesan muffins and wild garlic tart will please even the most savoury of Christmas scrooges.

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3. Flowerpot Brush: £16,

Flower Pot Brush.jpg

A nifty and specially designed brush to clean out flowerpots before reusing them, ensuring perfect garden hygiene and a summer free from vine weevil and other transmittable pests.

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4. Bay Tree: £39.99,

Bay tree.jpg

A little bay tree is the smart gift for the cook you love, or simply for the person who longs for some front door smartness. Leaves are fragrant all year round and add tang and depth to any soup or stock.

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5. Sneeboer Leaf Rake: £38.95,

Sneeboer rake.jpg

Sweep in the zen of autumnal silence: one of these beautiful Dutch master-craftsman-made rakes will lift your wintry heart. And are much, much quieter than a leaf-blower.

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6. Sneeboer Dandelion Spade: £57.95,

Sneeboer dandelion spade.jpg

Sneeboer are the Aston Martin of spademakers, and this specialist tool is the perfect present for the obsessive root-hater in your life. A 20cm deep blade ensures full removal, and a dandelion-free summer.

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7. Castor Trowel: £32,

Castor trowel.jpg

The Castor copper trowel will give a golden glow to your favourite gardener’s face… Well-balanced, and easy to spot, it’s the perfect choice tool-wise.

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8. Small watering Can: £18,

Small Watering Can.jpg

This elegant tiny watering can, in pale French green, gets water right to the base of houseplants, avoiding giving your sofa a soak.

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