10 best stand mixers

Take the toil out of food preparation with a multi-tasking machine

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A decent stand mixer takes all the boring bits out of making cakes, breads, pastries and puddings and more. But with prices ranging from £100 up to well over £400, how do you know which one to buy?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you need a pure stand mixer – which will mix, whisk, whip and knead – or if you want a more comprehensive kitchen machine that can also tackle jobs such as chopping, slicing, blending and mincing. Next, work out exactly what you’ll need it for and read our reviews to find out which machines in your price range excel at those specific tasks.

How solid is the build? Is it easy to set up? Is it intuitive to use? Is it a nightmare to clean? Will you want to store it away? These are other issues to consider. Think about capacity too, depending on whether you want it for a small family or to make very big batches, and try to find out how easy it will be to replace spare parts if you need them. After all, at these prices, you’ll want your mixer to last you a very long time.

1. Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer: £280, Amazon


This quiet, easy-to-use, retro-looking machine was used on last year’s Great British Bake. It does a first-rate job of mixing, whipping and kneading and it’s not bad at whisking. It’s heavy (8kg) and there’s nowhere to store the cord, so be prepared to keep it on display.

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2. Sage Scraper Mix Pro: £400, John Lewis


This digital machine is the quietest we tested and is a cinch to use. Superb at kneading and whipping and pretty good at mixing, it’s not as quick as some others, but it’s worth the wait. At 7kg, you’ll probably want to keep it on the worktop.

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3. Andrew James Electric Stand Mixer: £85, Amazon


It’s a bit tricky to put together, but this machine is worth the effort as it’s very good at whisking, mixing, kneading and whipping, helping to produce some great cakes and pastries. It’s a basic, no-frills machine, but if you don’t need any extras, this will serve you very well.

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4. Tefal Kitchen Machine: £145, Amazon 


Whisking, grating, whipping and mixing are among the kitchen tasks this three-in-one machine excels at, although we found it disappointing at kneading and poor at slicing. It comes with numerous accessories, along with a jug for the blender. Very heavy.

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5. Swan Vintage Stand Mixer: £135, Amazon


This attractive machine does most of the core tasks well, including whipping and whisking, and it’s exceptionally good at kneading, leading to some fabulous bread. But with a maximum of three minutes operating time, bigger kitchen tasks will require patience.

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6. Kenwood Chef Titanium: £500, Amazon


This is like having your very own sous chef in the kitchen. It quickly and effectively chops, grates, slices, whisks, kneads, blends and more. It’s also very easy to use and clean, although it does take a while to assemble. Some attachments are sold separately. 

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7. Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer: £550, John Lewis


This sturdy machine does a great job of mixing, not missing a crumb, and it’s good at whisking too. It’s quickest when whipping and kneading, though. At over 10kg it’s a challenge to move, but it looks great and is available in some fabulous colours.

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8. Wahl James Martin Stand Mixer: £296, Amazon


It’s cheap, but this machine is brilliant at mixing and whipping. You never need to scrape the bowl to incorporate the ingredients, like you do on some cheaper machines. It’s not as strong as whisking and kneading, though, so is better for making cakes than bread.

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9. Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine: £250, Amazon


This machine’s bowl-sweeping motion leaves no mixture behind. It’s also good at kneading, although whisking is average. And because it’s a three-in-one machine, there’s also a blending jug and food shredder. A great all-rounder.

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10. Magimix Patissier Multifunction: from £500, John Lewis


There’s nothing this machine doesn’t do: it’s great at mixing, blending, whisking, whipping, chopping, slicing, grating and juicing. There’s even a special bowl for mixing larger quantities. It does take some time, but it’s justified by the end product.

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The Andrew James Electric Stand Mixer does the basics exceptionally well, making it our top budget recommendation. For a more comprehensive, versatile machine, we think the Kenwood kMix stands out. And for a top-of-the-range machine, we were blown away by the Magimix Patissier Multifunction.

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