The 10 Best architecture blogs

From your house to Bauhaus, there's a wealth of architectural views, news and comment, plus stunning pictures online

1. Dezeen

When Dezeen launched in 2006, it aimed to bring a selection of the best buildings, design and interior projects from around the world. Now, it gets two million visits a month.

2. Design Observer

Below Design Observer's sometimes pompous blog titles ("The Shape of Green: aesthetic imperatives") is a well-stocked cellar of interesting information and original research.

3. BLDG Blog

BLDG covers whatever it deems to be interesting. The varied post headings give you some insight into the content: "Buy a prison", "Hotels in Zero-G", "Buncefield bomb garden".

4. Domestic Space

Written by architects, for architects. But the guys behind it aren't below displaying nice pictures of cutting-edge home- and workspace design.

5. Contemporist

This blog drip feeds at least one large picture of some far-out, or downright pretty, building each day. But it's also an important source of news on innovative building and design.


This website is well rounded, in that it contains not only essay-like meditations and original interviews with architects and designers, but also lots of nice, big pictures.

7. A Daily Dose of Architecture

New York may not be the crucible of architectural innovation it once was, but there is still much to admire there. Here you get an almost-daily dose of the Big Apple's best new buildings.

8. Architectural Association School of Architecture

This should appeal mainly to those with a more professional interest. However, others will be able to take pleasure in the avant-garde offerings in the school's 2012 project reviews.

9. Unhappy Hipsters

This is not just an architecture blog. It's also a send-up of the strangely disconnected world of architecture magazines and catalogues.

10. Architecture Blog Tumblr

Just pictures. Lots of them. And showcasing the best and most arresting of current and not-so-current building projects around the globe.