The 10 Best chopping boards

Whether you want to dice veg, chop meat, or just slice up a salad, there’s a surface here to suit every culinary need.

1. Joseph Joseph Rinse & Chop


A very clever board. It has hinges down the middle, allowing you to slide your prepared fruit and veg down off into the pan. It also has a colander at the end.

2. Catskill Reversible Maple Pastry Board


The attraction here is the series of useful baking measurements printed on the board and a ruler line for the perfectionist pâtissier.

3. Gamepad Chopping Board


You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to recognise that this glass-topped chopping board – designed to look like a retro games console – is damned cool.

4. John Lewis oak


Made especially for slicing those fresh loaves that cover your work surface in crumbs, this board has a series of sunken rings in its oak surface to catch them all.

5. Joseph Joseph Vinyl Record


Not the most heavy-duty board, but if you just want to slice the odd veg or a loaf, this glass board is just about the grooviest thing you're likely to do it on.

6. Lakeland Flexi-mats

£8.29 for 5,

Tough, lightweight and, because they're less than 1mm thick, they're flexible enough to roll into a funnel so you can get rid of your off-cuts with ease.

7. Good Housekeeping beech


Comes with a double-bladed Mezzaluna knife, so is ideal for quickly slicing herbs and the odd veg. Its glossy finish means it could double up as a cheese board.

8. Java chopping board


As chunky and solid as an oak board but the Java is made from a much more unusual bamboo wood. The chequered finish is also gentle on your kitchen knives.

9. OCD board


You can make every slice perfect and every angle precise on this OCD board, which is covered in a series of ruled squares and angle projections.

10. Linea oak and slate


Slate is always a good addition to a kitchen but its real advantage is that it's pretty much impervious to knife blades, so doesn't develop bacteria-filled ridges.

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