The 50 Best bargain homewares

In search of inspiration? From bright bowls to luxury lampshades, Kate Watson-Smyth does the house up, while keeping costs down

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Antiqued Silver Wooden Plate

Eburyhomeand, £35

At 30cm in diameter, this would look great propped up in a bedroom or on a dressing table piled with jewellery and those other bits and bobs that need to be kept in one place.

Chalkboard Skater wall stickers, £18.55

The trouble with kids is they change their minds so often and when it comes to bedroom decor that's a lot of decisions between toddler and teen. The answer is wall stickers. More than 300 choices here, most repositionable and cheap enough to chuck and change when they're bored. These ones double up as blackboards.

Rock and Roll cushion, £55

Launching this weekend at Top Drawer, the first design show of the season, are these gorgeous Rock and Roll cushions. Choose your genre or mix up the music. These will liven up any sitting room.

Pretty paisley 'Silver' towel rail, £59

So pretty it's almost a shame to cover it with a towel but good decor is all in the details and, if you care about such things, this rail will make you smile every time you use it.

Wine O'Clock, £55

Possibly the best time of day? This clock has Egg's signature flock hands – you can choose red or magenta – and means the sun is always over the yardarm. For those of you with a more teetotal disposition there is a tea version available or you can choose your own text.

Tia lamp, £54

Have an overhead light if you must, but sitting rooms are more atmospheric with table and floor lamps. This classic smoked glass lamp will go with everything.

Recycled mat, £24

No you won't get a Persian rug for less than £100 but you could have four of these. They're Fairtrade and made from recycled plastic. And monochrome is so 2012 you know.

Plumen lightbulb, £19.95

These award-winning lightbulbs are so sculptural you don't even need a lampshade. They are energy efficient too so you can show off your green credentials.

Baroque shelves, from £45

The great thing about these is that you can start off with one or two and add more as you go along, making them perfect for the budget-conscious.

Flower Pocket, from £12.50

Glass vases that are designed to be wall-mounted, which not only makes them unusual to look at, but stops them from being knocked over. They can be hung inside or out.

Sausage Dog draft excluder, £55

Given that it's only going to get colder and windier for the next six months, banish the cold with this sausage dog which gives off a gentle whiff of lavender .

Duck lamp, £95

This will surely put a smile on your face every time you walk into the room, and that is surely the point of being at home. It's made from walnut with a retro cream and gold tasselled shade.

Viaduct cushion, £60

Imogen Heath is one of Britain's best up and coming designers and her gorgeous textiles are testament to that. You can either buy the cushion or you can buy some of the fabric by the metre.

Tall blue porcelain arcane case, £46

A beautiful vase made by British designer Lisa Young who uses a crackle glaze and illustrates her work with a mix of hand-drawn and computer images. A great piece.

Dutch Designchair, £25

It's a chair, or a stool, or a coffee table. It's made from FSC-certified cardboard and can take up to 200 kilos (440lbs). Perfect for the extra guest. Or their drink. Folds up into a flat box for storage.

Vintage metal chair, £49.95

Folding chairs are so useful and this is perfect for today's industrial chic look. Chairs don't need to match any more so it doesn't matter how many you buy. It's also a great price.

Belle Amie tea towel, £11.95

A good tea towel will really liven up a kitchen. This one is by Swedish textile designer Marianne Westman and is part of a set including trays and trivets to brighten your chores.

Punk Doily, £9.50

A clever little clash of two worlds in this punk doily tile, which would double up as a great trivet or coaster. Comes in pink and black, so you can buy one of each.

Beast bowl with chicken and eggs, £21.95

Fill with nibbles and as the guests munch, the chicken and eggs appear – inspired by the Russian fairy tale (yes, it's a chicken not a goose).

Lemon press, £5.25

Squeezing lemons is a sticky business. This is a clever solution; cut the lemon, stick it in, unplug the stopper, squeeze the required amount, stop it back up, store. Simples.

Cereal bowls, £7.50

Blue and white china never goes out of fashion and if you don't want these for cereal, they'll be great for soup or ice cream or nibbly things. Much nicer to buy several with different patterns.

Thornback and Peel linen napkin, £8.50

It's time to bring back napkins. They add a great decorative touch to the table, they're useful and more environmentally friendly as you wash and re-use.

Tea Plate Toast, £16 for two

This is part of a whole range of word plates that are made from white porcelain and are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hanging chalkboard, £44

Painting a wall in blackboard paint is a bit old hat. How about moving the trend on with a hanging board that's a bit like a pub sign? There's plenty of room for messages or kids' drawings.

Mango wood chopping boards, from £22

The right chopping board is absolutely crucial and wooden ones are basically much nicer to use than all those colour-coded plastic ones.

Rival Danish candles, £1.95

The Danes light candles every day to create atmosphere during their long dark winters. This shop has about 40 colours, all of which are beautifully shiny thanks to the hand-applied lacquer.

Black and white stripe hand towels, £22

Monochrome works well in the uncluttered clean lines of a bathroom. You can always add some colour with the pink candles from earlier in the selection.

Small chunky glass candlestick, £14.95

If you're going to have candles in your bathroom, then you will need candlesticks. These are perfect for tall thin elegant candles or short scented ones.

Frajen bath sheet, £9.99

On a recent trip to Ikea, I discovered these towels which are thick, absorbent, come in several colours and have a handy hook, so there are no excuses for not hanging them up afterwards.

Medicine cabinet, £69

The etched glass on the front with the clear cross gives this cupboard a little bit more personality than the usual bathroom cabinets. Comes with two shelves and is lockable.

Loop laundry basket, £39

For a change from the ubiquitous wicker laundry basket, try this giant tote bag. The magnetic clips keep it closed from view and the giant handles make it easy to carry.

Venice City shower curtain, £35

Made from high quality and eco-friendly PEVA (chlorine-free, biodegradable plastic) this curtain will bring a stylish touch to any bathroom.

Provence distressed wooden chair, £40

If you've got the space it's great to have a chair in a bathroom, for your clothes, say, and these vintage ones add a great pop of colour.

Reversible magnifying Wall mirror, £89

You get what you pay for with these extending, moving mirrors; they need to be well made and tough to cope with all the pushing and pulling.

Over the Door shower caddy, £41

There's nothing worse than fumbling around in the shower for shampoo. This hooks over the door, saving you from having to drill into the tiles too.

Silk lampshade, £45

A great price for a silk shade, this would add a great quirky touch to a bedside lamp. Created in Scotland there are larger versions with hares. night scenes and stags

Sanderson Home Angel Ferns, £32 a roll

Launched in July as part of the company's diffusion range, this range of wallpapers and fabrics has a fresh spring feel that will fit well in a bedroom.

Paper lampshade, £25

Pretty pleated lampshades by Danish designer Rie Elise Larsen. Perfect for a bedside lamp and available in a range of patterns and styles. Specify pendant or table lamp fitting.

Bedside table, £69

Bedside tables can be so very, very dull, but this one has very sexy legs and a drawer to hide your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey from the children. Comes in several colours.

Reclaimed ladder, £99.50

Of course the obvious thing is to hang towels on it, but this works on the same principle as the bedroom chair that isn't for sitting but for clothes, and it takes up much less room.

BHS bedding set, from £24

BHS has come over all Scandi these season, which is about the most fashionable way to be. There are masses of affordable accessories among which is this lovely monochrome duvet set.

Sheepskin rug, £58.99

Obviously it's tricky to buy a rug for under £100, so why not get a sheepskin? That way it doesn't look like you couldn't afford a bigger one, is lovely and soft and comes in just about any colour you fancy.

Solid oak floating box, £75

If space is at a premium in the bedroom then one of these on the wall, or a row of them over the bed might be the solution. Books in the box, light and glass of water on the top. Or the other way round.

Feather bed linen, £93

Good bed linen is a real treat that you should always try and indulge if you can. This set is made from cotton satin and has a photo print of feathers in a pale grey that is a little more interesting than plain white.

Gummy alarm clock, £30

The LCD display only lights up at night when the button is pressed so it won't disturb your sleep and has a rubber case so presumably won't break when you throw it across the room on Monday mornings.

Large cone light, £40

Finally, the perfect way to display those hideous low energy bulbs. This Mr Whippy-style light is by British designer Alex Garnett and would be great in a kid's room.

Numbered hooks, £35

Children/teenagers do not put clothes in cupboards. Fact. The solution is to buy some hooks as it's much easier to hurl stuff on to them and clear the floor.

Lollipop Tearose quilt, £40

Modern funky designs for your children's bedrooms which also comes in a blue/caramel version. Reversible and can be used both as a duvet and a padded playmat.

Personalised cushion art, £50

Turn your child's drawing into a cushion cover. Just send in the scanned image and the colour scheme of the room and Jenny will create it for you.

Happy Stackable Crates, £13.95

Children's storage is the perennial nightmare. Huge plastic boxes don't look great. Try these instead. They stack and the faces are sweet.

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