The 50 Best Garden Accessories - Potting Shed

From the patio to the potting shed, Kate Watson-Smyth weeds out the grooviest gear for your great outdoors
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Pipe Dreams

It might just look like a strangely shaped piece of plastic, but this is, in fact, a highly designed, yet functional, watering can. Made from polyethylene, so you can leave it lying in the garden all year round, it has a single hole spout at one end and awatering rose at the other, so you can use it any way up you please. Panik know that you can get frustrated waiting for delivery when you order online and they guarantee to deliver in stock items in less than three working days. This comes in yellow, orange, green andwhite, and holds two litres.

Where: Panik Design (01908 307020;

How much: £45

Benji Wooden Storage Unit

This three-tier unit is made from teak (sustainable of course) and can be used for plants etc or even for serving food and collecting plates after a meal. If you haven’t got room for one of these, the company does an upright unit made from pre-aged pine, which is, for some reason, more expensive, but would take up less room and look just as good.

Where: The Urban Garden (0845 257 3762;

How much: £399 and £479

Traditional Secateurs

These wooden-handled secateurs come in a soft leather pouch and, as well as being practical, would make a lovely present for any gardeners in your life. There’s nothing like a little light pruning to make you feel the part and anyone who has any plants will have to maintain them, however lightly or sporadically.

Where: Not on the High Street (0845 259 1359;

How much: £35

Soft Leather Toolwrap

A great present for yourself, or another gardener, either novice or experienced. It comes with a small trowel, hole digger, fork, gloves and plant markers. It will last for ever and the pouch will only improve with age and abuse. The makers, Orchard, only sell through this outlet, but they also make a rather splendid leather garden kneeler that can hang on a shedwall when not in use.

Where: Not on the High Street (0845 259 1359;

How much: £80

Water Butt with Can

There’s probably no excuse not to have one of these in your garden these days and this one comes with the added advantage of a tap and watering can that hooks over the side. It comes in cream and holds 36 litres of water, which should keep you going for a bit. The flat back means that it can be wall mounted as well. It’s surprisingly small for something that holds this much water – only 52.5cm high and the accompanying watering can takes 1.5 litres.

Where: Heal’s (020-7636 1666;

How much: £60

Rattan Flower Basket

Every good gardener needs a trug basket for either floating round the garden collecting flowers or just ferrying stuff from one place to another. There are dozens of different versions about but this one is good and sturdy and handmade by a Somerset firm who set up in 1864, which makes it a pleasing place to buy from. This is just one of 19 different types available – there must be one to suit even the pickiest of punters.

Where: Somerset Levels (01823 698688;

How much: £18.95

Long Handled Weeder

Oh, all that weeding is so back-breaking and never-ending. This long handled gizmo will solve those problems as you can loosen the soil without needing to bend so far and then simply bend down and pick itwhen the hard bit has been done. I didn’t say it would take all thework out of it – just that it would make it a bit easier. Put it this way – you could do it from the comfort of your deckchair. Good for the elderly and lazy.

Where: Cabbages & Roses (020-7352 7333;

How much: £24

Portable Garden Stool and Carrier

Sold in the “I wish I’d had this earlier” section, this folding stool has masses of pockets round the edge into which you can load your tools and a sandwich for a happy day of weeding in the garden. It’s lightweight, folds flat and is also popular with fishermen. The tools aren’t included but at this price you didn’t really expect them to be.

Where: Handpicked Collection (0845 602 3578; www.handpickedcollection. com)

How much: £16.95

Floral Linen Glove

Sometimes you might actually have to run the risk of getting your hands dirty if you plan on doing any of yer actual, y’know, gardening. But these very pretty gloves consist of a beige leather glove (we never said anything about practical) and long-linen floral cuff. They’re handmade in a Shropshire tannery using traditional methods and are perfect for pruning a few roses or planting out your herb garden.

Where: Cotswold Trading (01386 853331;

How much: £27.99

Rotating Secateurs

Made by Burgon and Ball - a Sheffield steel company that diversified – these are one of the best brands on the market. The rotating handles are great for those tough bits of wood as they take some of the work out of it, which also make them perfect for anyone with old sporting injuries or the more elderly gardener.

Where: Handpicked Collection (0845 602 3578; www.handpickedcollection. com)

How much: £27.95

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