The Ten Best Mirrors

Why not take a minute to reflect upon our choice of mirrors?

Purves & Purves - £325 (80cm diameter)

One of the easiest ways to bring more light into your home is to hang a mirror in a strategic corner. The colourful mosaic on this version will also add a splash of brightness.; 020-8893 4000

Bodie and Fou - from £75 (starting at 17x17cm)

Here's a versatile looking-glass - not only does it reflect your image, it serves as a striking vase for your flowers, too. It comes in four sizes, and is ideal if you're short on space.; 0845 120 4648

Matalan - £45 (47x36cm)

Known for its cheap and cheerful clothes, Matalan also does a very good line in stylish but affordable items for the home, including this classic yet cool cream mirror.; 020-7298 6530

Beyond the Valley - £28 (25x18cm)

This magpie-shaped mirror is tiny, so more decorative than practical, but if you invest in a few you can create a glittering flock of super-shiny birds.; 020-7437 7338

Amaroni - £302.50 (76cm diameter)

Decorated with delicate, laser-cut wildflowers, this is a seriously pretty buy. It manages to be both minimal and romantic and would look lovely hanging in a bedroom.; 01205 260 384

On Reflection - £1,100 (60x43cm)

Reproduction Venetian mirrors are common on the high street. Most of them look the part, but there's nothing like an original antique such as this beautiful 19th-century example.; 01963 220 723

House of Fraser - £140 (115x115cm)

Hang this Moroccan-style mirror on the wall and pretend you're spending the summer in a beautiful riad far away from the grey skies of the UK.; 0845 602 1073

Graham and Green - £169 (66x30cm)

Add an angelic touch with this pair of wings. If they're a bit too arty for you, Graham and Green has a wide variety of equally stylish designs.; 0845 130 6622

Dwell - £34.95 (34x34cm)

This mirror doubles as a photo frame. It's perfect for displaying your favourite snapshots or for putting up inspirational images of yourself on a good-hair-day.; 0845 675 9090

Chandeliers and Mirrors - £98 (78x61cm)

I love the opulent frame surrounding this mirror - it's cushioned, and embellished with an intricate silver fleur-de-lis design.; 01322-437 1 12