10 best camera bags

Keep your electrical equipment safe from the elements with our selection of cases and backpacks

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You probably want to take your camera with you wherever you go — but heavy kit and uncomfortable bags mean that it’s often difficult to have your equipment to hand. A comfy and spacious camera bag can fix that. We picked through the best — of all shapes and sizes — to pick out the most stylish and comfortable camera bags.

{1} Aquapac Medium Stormproof camera pouch: £35, aquapac.net



Making waterproof cases for just about anything, Aquapac is the go-to name for keeping your camera safe from the elements. As well as keeping your camera safe from water, the tough, padded pouches will keep it from breaking if it’s thrown around too.

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{2} Lowepro SlingShot 202: £90: lowepro.co.uk



This sling-style bag is made for easy access but plenty of comfort while you’re not rooting around. The bag has just one strap, meaning it can swing round when you need it, but can also be pushed on to your back when you’re done.

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{3} Lowepro Apex 60 AW: £23, lowepro.co.uk



Straightforward and small, but with enough space to fit most cameras in, the Apex is perfect  if you don’t want to add too  much bulk.

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{4} Manfrotto Advanced Holster Large: £39.95, manfrotto.co.uk



The holster name is accurate – this bag sits at your side like a gun, ready for you to take it out at any time. A perfect pouch if you’re travelling or walking but want your camera available at any time, it has space for a DSLR, a lens and some accessories.

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{5} Duragadget 14in Backpack: £14.99, amazon.co.uk



If you don’t want to shell out too much on a camera backpack, this gives you all the space without all of the price. It still has the features of a more expensive rucksack – such as mesh pockets and pouches for all the different parts of your camera – but is much cheaper  than most.

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{6} Lowepro Pro Runner 200AW Backpack: £64, jessops.com



This is slightly more expensive than some other rucksack-style bags, but it’s got plenty of space and is made for photographers who might be trying to make their way through the elements quickly.

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{7} Think Tank Airport 4-Sight: £232.50, cliftoncameras.co.uk



If you want plenty of space for all the kit you’ll need even on a long trip, a rolling, luggage-style bag could be the thing. This can hold everything you need – but it’s also more lightweight than other rolling bags, and small enough to fit in hand luggage.

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{8} Tamrac Expedition 9x Backpack: £199, wexphotographic.com



This is huge – and if you want everything on your back, this should take it. Loads of foam dividers keep your camera safe, and the way it stores the kit and unzips means that any of it can be easily accessed, at any time.

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{9} Smatree Black Carrying and Travel Case: £11.99, amazon.co.uk



GoPros are increasingly popular – and while they’re rugged and tough on their own, you might want a case to put them away in. This will do the job, with specially cut foam pouches ready to hide away your camera and accessories.

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{10} Bestek Canvas: £27.99, amazon.co.uk



Foam pouches, plenty of space and tough canvas make this satchel-style bag perfect if you want to carry your camera casually but don’t want to spend too much.

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Verdict: If you’ve a lot of kit to carry, then roller bags make that easy. But it’s probably most comfy to carry your stuff on your back — and the LowePro Slingshot combines ease of access with comfort most effectively.

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